3 Things You Must Know About Chegg.com

3 Things You Must Know About Chegg.com
Nowadays, renting textbooks has become a popular trend for college students. Many textbook lending websites allow students to rent textbooks for their college classes in just a few clicks,  and Chegg.com is a quite well-known one. The website has become a popular address for students who want to save money by renting rather than buying expensive textbooks. In the near future, when winter break is over, college students will be seeking textbooks for a new semester. So why not go to Cheeg.com and save big bucks? Let’s look at some details about Chegg and suggestions on how to save money on this website.

What Can You Find at Chegg.com?

With more than 2.4 million textbooks in both paper and e-reader formats, Chegg provides visitors with a range of different services including renting, buying, or even selling used or new textbooks at attractive prices. Most students enjoy textbook rental services, which can help them save up to 80% off of the cost of a textbook purchase, plus shipping has covered both ways.
Chegg coupons
Chegg lets students rent as many textbooks as they like with just a few clicks. It is easy for you to find your preferred books in a long list of available textbooks. You can use smart filters to narrow down the list of available books by special features you like. besides, you can enter the title of book to the searching box and Chegg will show you a list of related books for you to add to your virtual shopping bag. 
At Chegg, books are delivered in less than a week with a 21-day satisfaction guarantee. ETextbooks come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Remember to ensure that the books you rent remain in good condition in case you want to return them within the permissible time frame. You should also know that you are not allowed to write in rented books, but highlighting is acceptable with appropriate reasons.

Rent Books from Chegg and Plant New Trees!

Do you know that for each book you rent or buy from Chegg.com, you have just planted a new tree? As a partner of Global ReLeaf, a program of American Forests with a mission to protect the environment, Chegg has a category on its official website for the project called “Chegg for good.” Over five million new trees have been planted by Chegg. So don’t hesitate; rent textbooks and protect the world with Chegg now! 

How Can I Save Money at Chegg?

Chegg is a great place for you to visit and rent or buy all the textbooks and related things you need to complete your homework or thesis. Do you know that you can get a vast array of books from Chegg without paying for a fortune? Here are some secret tips and tricks for you to score some bucks when it comes to payment. 

Shop with Chegg coupons 

Like other online services, the best way to save money when renting or buying textbooks at Chegg is by using Chegg coupons such as Chegg Coupons 20% OFF Rentals, free shipping, up to 80% OFF on textbook rentals, and others. By searching through websites specializing in providing online coupons such as CouponForLess.com. You can find a series of Chegg coupons that help you save money in different ways. For example, right now you can save up to $500 for a year of renting books, get 5% off applied at book checkout, etc.

*To note: 

Read the qualifications of the codes and deals you select carefully to ensure you pick up the right coupon for your purchases. 

Most coupons and deals for Cheggs are not available for a long time, please use your selected deal as soon as possible to enjoy your savings. 

In case your code does not work, check out your typing, validation of the codes, and T&Cs to fix the problem. 

Shop in special sales 

When it comes to special sales or seasonal sales such as Black Friday, Back to School, Cyber Monday, and more, you can catch the chance to make your purchases without paying a huge amount of money. Simply check the available sales and deals to and find out the greatest one to apply to your purchases, and get your subtotal deducted a dramatic amount of money directly. 

*To note: 

Most Chegg sales are only working for a short time, check out the list of sales when it comes to special events to get the chance to make your purchases for less. Or you can subscribe to our site to always stay up to date with all the fantastic sales for Cheggs and other stores throughout the year. 

Chegg sales are only available for a select group of textbooks. Check the list of selections and make sure you pick up the discount ones to ensure your discounts. 

Only rent the textbook you need to rent

In addition, carefully considering which textbooks you really need to rent will also help you save a lot. If possible, you should verify with your professor which textbooks or college textbooks are required for the next semester a week or two prior to its start. Of course, the fewer textbooks you rent, the more savings you receive. When there are so many books available at Chegg, always make a list of necessary books before renting to make sure you only pay for what you need. 

Take advantage of renting textbooks online and get goods to mark this semester!

To conclude 

Find out the textbooks you need to rent and follow out tips to get extra bucks put back to your budget when it comes to transactions. Time to start your semester for less!

Written by: Cam Nhung Dinh

I am fond of writing, reading & taking care of pets. Plus, with multiple years in using promo codes, I can give you many useful tips.