Best Toys For Babies 3-6 Months: Make Kids Happy Everyday

Best Toys For Babies 3-6 Months: Make Kids Happy Everyday

Babies will grow very fast so parents need to create a nice environment to help them develop brains as well as master gross and fine motor skills, especially for babies from 3 to 6 months. Here is the list of best toys for babies 3-6 months that make your kids happy everyday. 

How to choose the best toys for babies 3-6 months?

Babies at the age of 3-6 months will begin discovering the world. They love sounds, music, and bright colors. Besides, they also start developing some skills such as grabbing, chewing, crawling, and more. When choosing toys for babies, you should pay attention to the following points:  

  • Look for toys that encourage babies to play and learn
  • Get toys for babies that boost concentration, engage baby, and develop deeper skills.
  • Find best toys for babies 3-6 months to help them develop sensory
  • Choose toys to prepare babíe for solid foods. 
  • Find toys for babies that made from safe materials
  • Look and apply discounts for baby toys to save the best each time shopping online

Best Montessori toys for babies 3-6 months

Montessori toys will support the educational philosophies of Montessori that your babies can discover around the world from natural materials. The toys also focus on a single skill, simple and free of distractions. If you are looking for Montessori toys for babies 3-6 months, you can check the items below to take find the right toys. 

Baby Wooden Rattle-3PCS Natural Montessori Wood Toys

Baby Wooden Rattle

Price: $15.99 at Walmart Store

The toys are made of high-quality sponge wood with bright colors. It is good for hearing, vision, motor skills, and cognitive observation. Babies can hear the sound of rattle and see the colors as well as the shapes. Shop at Walmart to enjoy savings with 10% OFF plus free shipping via a $10 Walmart Grocery Promo Code For Existing Customers

AIPINQI Tummy Time Mirror

AIPINQI Tummy Time Mirror

Price: $14.49 at Walmart Store

Tummy Time Mirror is the best toy for you to play with your baby during tummy time.  Your baby from 3 to 6 months usually loves the tummy so when you see this mirror, it helps develop vision and imagination. It also meets babies' curiosity and helps them feel interested in what they see around them. Never miss the best Montessori toys for babies 3-6 months from Walmart Store to have a meaningful time to play with your babies. 

Best Teething Toys for Babies 3-6 Months

Babies from 3 to 6 months love chewing everything. Your baby may find dangerous objects to chew, instead, you can use the best teething toys for babies 3 months to 6 months as a great and safe alternative. Take a look below to find perfect toys for babies to put an end to those teething tears.

Fisher-Price 3-Piece Taco Tuesday Gift Set

Fisher-Price 3-Piece Taco Tuesday Gift Set

Price: $13.99 at Kroger store

The toy is best for curious, teething babies with a set of a toy taco for nibbling on, lemon and line clackers, and an avocado rattle. The special design and exciting textures will stimulate your baby's tactile senses as well as the hearing skills of a baby through Avocado's rattle and the clackers. Shop online right now to take the best toys for baby 3-6 moths from Kroger to save with Kroger $60 Coupon and Free Shipping. Check it now to save better! 

Infantino Busy Beads Rattle and Teether

Infantino Busy Beads Rattle and Teether

Price: $11.49 at Kroger store

Your baby will love this Teething Toys for Babies 3-6 Months. It is easy for the baby to grasp soft rings around the rattle. They can practice motor skills when playing with colorful spinning pieces. In addition, the soft flexible pieces will help them soothe tender gums. Parents can clean and wipe easily every day. 

Best Educational toys for babies 3-6 months

Best educational toys for babies 3-6 months will help them develop brains and recognize the world. Of course, every child will develop at their own stage but you can help them develop earlier and experience more activities. When looking for the best toys for babies 3-6 months, you can check the following toys. 

Sassy 6-Piece Sushi Sorter Toy

Sassy 6-Piece Sushi Sorter Toy

Price: $15.99 at Kroger store

This Sushi Sorter Toy from Sassy will help your baby play and learn about colors and shapes. They need to make 6 colorful plastic sushi pieces match with the corresponding holes in the translucent sorter box. At the age of 3 months, your baby can hold and feel the shape as well as observe the colors of 6 shapes. Gradually, they can match correctly and remember all shapes and colors. Hurry up to take the best Educational toys for babies 3-6 months at Kroger with discounts up to 60% OFF via our coupon site

Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes

Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes

Price: $9.99 at Kroger Store

Now you can promote music appreciation for babies with baby-friendly versions of classical masterpieces such as Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini through this toy. Listen to 7 high-quality and enjoyable classical melodies along with play with colorful rings at the caterpillar handle to enhance feelings and promote a visual perception of your baby. 

Best Sensory toys for babies 3-6 months 

Sensory toys will help babies learn about the environment through all of their five senses. Baby from 3 to 6 months can start exploring and experimenting with objects, materials, and textures to lay an important foundation for further growth and development. Here are two best Sensory toys for babies 3-6 months that you can select to help them have a great time everyday. 

Infantino Sensory Pals Bath Toys

Infantino Sensory Pals Bath Toys

Price: $15.59 at Kroger Store

It is time for a bath, let’s make babies can touch and feel with the collection of 5 Infantino Sensory Pals. Each of Infantino's Sensory Pals will give different feelings to babies. Besides, they also learn about colors and animals when playing. Not only it is for bath time but also babies can play everyday as the best toys for babies 3-6 months. 

Shapes Multi-Sensory Soft Activity

Price: $25.99 at Kroger Store

Shapes Multi-Sensory Soft Activity is a safe toy for babies 3-6 months. It is designed with three basic shapes circle, triangle, and square. Each shape makes a unique chime when rolled or rattled so your babies can listen. A variety of textured fabrics and crinkle paper will attract the baby’s sense of touch. Toy graphics and designs are researched for the good of visual development in early infancy. Never miss to take Shapes Multi-Sensory Soft Activity for baby at this stage to help your baby develop comprehensively five senses. 

Hope you can find the best Toys for babies 3-6 months and help them have a happy time everyday. Let your baby live and develop in a safe and interesting world! 

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