Choosing the Perfect Top for Date Night

Choosing the Perfect Top for Date Night

In your man’s eyes, you’re probably the dreamiest woman in the world- even with a paper bag over your head. But if you really want his eyes to pop come date night, you’ve got to have it all: the hair, the makeup, and of course, the outfit. But what top is right for your upcoming special night? These simple tips on choosing the perfect top for date night will leave his jaw dropped to the floor without emptying your wallet.

Beach/Park Trip

Heading down to the beach or local park is one of the most relaxing date ideas out there, and it’s one that is an instant hit. You and your lover get to spend some one on one time in a relaxing area where the sound of birds chirping or waves crashing against the shore send romance through the air. This type of date night requires a feminine, girly top to match the setting- and the Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women's Ruffle Cami - Floral does just the trick.

Flowery Women's Ruffle Cami

This adorable, flowery cami is designed with flirty ruffles and beautifully bright flowers for a wonderful top he’ll love. (Plus, when it gets chilly outside he’ll have to let you borrow his jacket!). This stunner is only $6.79 at KMart, and with Kmart coupon codes you can spend even less. 

Fancy Dinner

Every lady loves when her man asks her out for a fancy dinner. But just because it’s in the high-end part of down doesn’t mean you have to break out the classy skirts and dresses. With The Evening Store 2PC Cami and Jacket, you can attend the fanciest restaurants in town without a second thought as to how you look.

Cami and Jacket

This gorgeous two-piece set comes in luxurious black color, accented by dazzling sequins for an unmistakable ‘wow’ factor. It is currently priced at $149 on Amazon, and with special Amazon promo codes it’s even cheaper. Pair this lovely two-piece set with your favorite pair of black dress pants and watch head turns.

Amusement Park

If you’re significant, other has asked you to a fun night at the amusement park (or miniature golfing session, go-kart race, or something of the likes), then you need to come prepared with a top as fun as the location. With graphic tees, achieving that style is synch.

graphic tees

This top has all the latest trends combined into one garment for a fashion-forward look that kills. With half sleeves cut sexily at the shoulders, a distinct and stunning tribal pattern, and a crop to show off your delicious belly button, this adorable fall must-have is the ideal top for all fun occasions where you and your man will let loose. Only $24.95 at Pacsun (don’t forget Pacsun coupons either!).

Ball Game

Yes, there comes a time when every woman must accompany her lover to his favorite sports event. And whether you despise the occasion or not, there’s no excuse not to look adorable. The Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Merrow Edge Racerback Tank from Target is clearly the winner for this date idea.

Racerback tank

At only $9.99 (even less with Target coupon codes), it is a deal that gives you that sporty-yet-still-undeniably-feminine look you were trying to achieve, thanks to the flirty racerback and minuscule sleeves. Throw on a baseball cap and you’re good to go!

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Tips to look more gorgeous on your dating

As I've said above, you have to combine outfits and makeup as well as hair-style to have perfect looks on your day out with 'him'. These are some basic tips for you to follow and complete your looks in seconds. 

For hairstyles 

A messy hair-style is perfect for night dating but if you meet your lover or friend and plan to go out for a whole day, a bun must be a good choice, especially on a hot day. There are many ways to do messy hair or buns hairstyles, all the thing you need to do is google them and find out the greatest one for you. Of course, you should choose a simple hairstyle as a safe choice if you are a beginner and you don't have time to finish it when you have to do makeup and choose outfits. 

For makeup

Simple. Simple. Simple. Always keep your look simple and nature as much as you can. Not only it is easier to do but also it leaves a good impression for your 'partner'. So when should you do a 'professional' makeup? A night dating in a fancy restaurant. Your makeup not only needs to fit your outfit and hairstyles but also needs to fit the destination you two choose to meet. A gorgeous look with a cami and jacket outfit seems to be a smart choice when you eat in fancy restaurants. Don't forget to bring along your lipstick to be ready to apply anytime your lip color is faded. 

If you are going out for dating, especially to the beach or somewhere you can't find a mirror to take care of your look, remember to bring along a small mirror to be able to check your makeup and hairstyle anytime you feel it goes wrong. But please don't check your looks so regularly and keep worrying about your looks, the main key to be gorgeous is you should feel confident. The more confident you feel, the more gorgeous you are. 

Where is your favorite place to go on date night? Share with us!

Written by: Cam Nhung Dinh

I am fond of writing, reading & taking care of pets. Plus, with multiple years in using promo codes, I can give you many useful tips.