Doodle Crate Reviews: KiwiCo Activities for Children Ages Over 14

Doodle Crate Reviews: KiwiCo Activities for Children Ages Over 14

If you are worried about what is the best activities for children at the age of 14, Doodle Crate boxes from KiwiCo will give you perfect solutions. Go through Doodle Crate Reviews below to understand more what you can get inside to help them experience new things.

Doodle Crate Reviews

What is Doodle Crate?

Doodle Crate was created to build confidence and creativity for kids between the ages of 9 and 16+. Through interesting and engaging activities for kids delivered monthly, they can discover more about the world around them right at their home. They will learn about how to face challenges and overcome it.

Kids can access different interesting activities like solar imaging, woodworking, embroidery, and more. Every month, they will receive new choices with new skills and techniques through unique crafting tools, materials, and techniques. The topics you can get such soap making, block printing, resist painting, needle felting, candle molding, and more.

How much does Doodle Crate cost?

Doodle Crate price

The price of Doodle Crate will depend on how many months you sign up for. If you select a longer subscription box, you will pay less for each month. For each month's registration, you only need to pay $19.95 each month. You can get the best savings with $96 for 12 months’ selection and take $15 for 3 months’ registration.

Don’t worry about the price tags when ordering online because you can take many promotions from the store like up to 3 months free with a discount code or special offers with 40% OFF on your first box of Doodle Crate. Remember to check and update KiwiCo coupons and discount codes from coupon websites to save better on your online order.

What can you get inside every month?

Each month, you will get a box delivered right at your door step, in each box you can take the following things:

Art & Design techniques that including tools, materials, and techniques

Inspiration Booklet: instructions with designs and inspiration

Creative DIYs: many activities are added with design content

Video Tutorials: tips and tricks through online tutorials

Starting right now to discover new surprises each month and take avail of free shipping for all USA orders. Shop now to save better!

Opening Wooden Clock Doodle Crate

Wooden Clock Doodle Crate

At the age of 14+, teens and tweens are developing their independence and they want to do their own things. The project with Wooden Clock Doodle Crate will promote them. Now I will share some great things about one of the Doodle Crate box – Wooden Clock.

With Wooden Clock Doodle Crate, they will create their own clocks that speak about unique styles. They will work with wood, glue, and bolts to build a clock. They are challenged to piece together the clock from start to finish after that they can learn about mechanics when the clockworks.

In order to make a clock, they will decide the color, shape, and numbers of the clock. It is a one-of-a-kind clock by your kids. Don’t worry about if they do not know how to create when discovering a step-by-step video tutorial link, illustrated instructions about all materials.

Of course, they will love to see the fruits of their labor. Moreover, they can show their products to everyone and create a lasting reminder of their accomplishment. Why don’t you help your children learn and discover more? Wooden Clock Doodle Crate is only one example for you.

Here are the things that I love about Doodle Crate:

  • Creativity: Creativity and imagination go together so that Doodle Crate will help your kids nurture creativity by inspiring them to think boldly and differently
  • Responsibility: Kids will develop and blossom their leadership skills. They read it and do it and enjoy their fruits.
  • Techniques and skills: They can learn many skills from woodworking to painting. Through these activities, they can learn more about their power of themselves
  • Designed by experts: It is suitable for their ages and each box is put together by child development experts.

Awesome projects from Doodle Crate

Awesome projects from Doodle Crate

Now you will have a chance to discover other projects from Doodle Crate to understand more about the activities for their kids. Register right now to get the best box for your kids from KiwiCo and help them have a more interesting time each day.

Felt Succulent Garden

Through this project, you can make your own felt succulent garden through crafting and clay modeling. After that, you can get a planter full of succulents. Kids can learn how to make their hands become more skillful and enjoy beautiful flowers made by their hands.

Faux Leather Portfolio

It is time for your kids to learn about designing a faux leather portfolio. The stitching is made by their hands as well as learning how to use multi-color metal brads. Of course, they will design by their own art and ideas to get the perfect Portfolio. Kids will access different materials and objects, surely they are very excited about this.

Handmade soap

Wow! It is amazing when you can see the name “handmade soap” which means that they can learn how to make soap. Get Scrub-a-dub-dub with a set of marbled soaps and they will do it by themselves. Learn about the melt-and-pour method to work and select the color that they love. After that, they will create a unique design by dropping into your melted soap, then swirl them around with a toothpick.

They also learn about layering and embedding techniques and finish with building a soap tray so your suds to help sit in style. Now they can use soap with the shape and colors that they like. Surely, they can learn many things through these interesting activities.

Geometric Candles

Now they can learn how to make a trio of geometric candles to decorate the house. It is time to learn how to fold a geometric mold, dye some wax, and transform the wax into a candle. They can create any colors that they like and have more ideas for their home with these candles.

Paper Bowls

Through paper bowls, you can discover sculpting with a papercraft kit. With paper Mache and paper folding, they can learn techniques to create a set of colorful paper bowls. After that, you can get two paper mache bowls and two geometric bowls. It is time for them to add more objects to their house. After that, they really understand about new materials to develop more new ideas for life.

Textured Clay Luminaries

Now they can create a unique couple of candleholders. In order to complete this task, they will learn to trim and texture clay with stripes, sprinkles, sunbursts, and more. After that, they need to shape and dry your clay design to make lustrous luminaries. Finally, let’s paint for the finishing touch. What shiny creativity! One more object will be done by themselves and they can use it to decorate in their house. Discover right now!

Screen Printing

What do you think that they can create their own graphic on a backpack? It is time for them to learn the practice of fabric decorating and create a graphic to scream print an image on it. It is perfect that after that, they use it right the backpack with Screen Printing on it. Surely, they will be proud of their products. Get it now to get more fun!

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Doodle Crate creates many activities for kids from 14 years old. They will develop many skills and practice doing many things from different materials. Register right now!

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