How Long Can You Return Something To Walmart - FAQs & Guides

How Long Can You Return Something To Walmart - FAQs & Guides

How long can you return something to Walmart? What is the return policy at Walmart? Keep your reading to get detailed information when you want to return your packages.

how long can you return something to Walmart

How long can you return something to Walmart?

90 days. FREE returns.

You have up to 90 days after your purchase to return or exchange your items unless noted in Walmart's exceptions.

Walmart accepts many return ways including in-store, by mail (free), or via a scheduled pickup from your address.

What is the return policy at Walmart?

Now you know “how long can you return something to Walmart?” let’s go details to make sure you are qualified for making returns.

How to return items you don't want? 

If you receive unwanted/wrong/damaged products, Walmart offers a fuss-free returning process for you to return packages both by mail or in the nearest store.

As you have known how long can you return something to Walmart, just check out some detailed guides to make your returns.

Use the app

Install Walmart app to your phones, sign in your account, and follow the in-app links to start making a return. Please note that you must upload your receipt into the app before you begin.

As you have an app on your phone, it is simpler than ever for you to start a return. Once you have finished the online returning process, visit your local store, scan the QR code in your smartphone and hand your package to the customer service associate to complete your return.

Return online orders by mail 

In case you wish to return an order placed through the store website, you can choose between returning it by mail or in-store.

If you want to return by mail, browse the website, sign in to your account. Check your purchase history before navigating the product you wish to mail back. Choose "Start a return" next to the product to print out a free return shipping label to attach to your returning packages.

*To note:

Your products must be kept in the original packaging and include all the original accessories.

Non-app returns in-store

It is easy for you to make a return without using the app. Keep your products in the original packaging with full accessories and materials. Plus, remember to bring along your receipt.

Take them all to the customer service desk to request a return.

*To note:

In case there is no receipt or email information available, you will start your return/exchange at a recent sale price.

Make a return to a Marketplace partner

When making purchases at the website, you will catch up with many products that are sold by Marketplace partners. Most of them are available at a budget-friendly price such as home decor, beverages, apparel, and  more. In case you shop products from a Marketplace partner, you can return them too.

As you know how long can you return something to Walmart, please make your return within 90 days of your receipt. Choose one from two ways below to get your packages returned/exchanged.

By mail: Sign in your Walmart account on your desktop or smartphone, contact Customer Care to request a return.

In-store: Most Marketplace items can be returned in-store. Keep them in the original packaging and bring along receipts to the Customer Service desk to request a return.

*To note:

No Restocking fees or return shipping fees counted.

Haz-mat and freight items have specific returning methods that will be arranged with the Marketplace partner.

Can I return an item to Walmart without a receipt?

Yes. In case you lost your receipts, simply sign in to your account via app or website, view the purchase history, and get the order number to present to the customer service associate. Then you will receive your refund to the original form of payment or your replacement.

*To note: 

In case you discounts on your purchases such as 10% Walmart Grocery Promo Code For Existing Customers, free shipping, $10 off $50, and others, sometimes it can prevent you from a return. Make sure you read the return policy carefully enough to not make any mistakes when returning your orders. 

Can you return opened makeup to Walmart?

Yes. Walmart does accept returns of cosmetics, including merchandise like hair products, makeup, fragrance & cologne, and more.

You have knowledge about how long can you return something to Walmart. Always remember to make your returns within 90 days of the purchasing date.

In case you have opened or tested your items, please keep them in the original packages when you make your returns. The Customer service associate will arrange a return/exchange for your product based on their status.

Can I get a cash refund if I paid by card?

Cash-back or a gift voucher.

When making a return, you usually get a refund in the same way you paid for the order.

In case you make your purchases by cash, you will receive a refund by cash or gift vouchers. Simply contact the customer support team of your local stores for further information.

Walmart return policy after 90 days

As the above information about how long can you return something to Walmart. You have up to 90 days to make your returns.

In case it is after 90 days from your purchasing date, and you wish to return your packages, please start a conversation with the customer support team to get help.

*To note:

Always check the package carefully when you receive to make sure there is nothing wrong with your purchases.

Contact Walmart as soon as possible if you get wrong, unwanted, damaged products.

Sign in your account to check the purchase history and get further information about your orders to make your returns.

To conclude 

Now you have information about how long can you return something to Walmart? And details about how to process your returns. Feel confident to make your purchases and remember to check your packages to ensure you receive the right products.

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