How To Choose Dress For Body Type: Tips And Top Places For You To Pick

How To Choose Dress For Body Type: Tips And Top Places For You To Pick

What is your body type? How to choose dress for body type to help you get the best look? Check the tips and top places below to pick up the best dresses for your body shape.

How to choose dress for body type

How To Choose Dress For Body Type

Your body will come from different shapes and sizes so that you should learn about how to dress to find the best styles for you. You will depend on one of four shapes: Apple-shaped, Pear Shaped, Hourglass shaped, and Athletic shaped. Dresses are must-have items in each woman’s wardrobe so that you can check some tips below to get the perfect dresses for your body types.

Choose dresses for pear shape

A woman with a pear shape is characterized by having larger hips and thighs. For pear body, you can see a defined waist and curve at the hip, you often get narrower shoulders. You can think about some people with pear bodies like Rhianna, Kate Winslet and Kim Kardashian.

Tips for you:

When choosing dresses, you should pay attention to your waist with amazing curves. You can select an open or v-neckline to get a great look. In addition, you can select a dress with a ruffle or puffy sleeve to upper your shoulder. The dresses with two-tone may be a good choice for you to draw attention to your torso. Let’s find a way to balance your hips, thighs, and shoulders. Some styles that you should select for pear body shape including shift dresses, maxi dresses, and A-line dresses.

You should avoid the following things when selecting dresses:

Oversized and shapeless styles

Curve-hugging fabrics

Super short hemlines

Straight cut dresses

Choose dresses for hourglass body shape

With hourglass body shape, women will have the bust and hip measurement. With a fuller bust, hips and thighs, you tend to have curve for your body. Some of examples for this body type like Beyonce, Hendricks, Christina, and JLo.

Tips for you:

What is the best dress for an hourglass body shape? Figure-hugging and form-fitted could be the elements that you should choose when thinking about them. Enhance your waistline with belted dresses or rompers and jumpsuits could be a great idea for you. Let’s slim down your bust to balance all the best features of your body between the upper and lower body. Some perfect styles that you can select such as Bodycon dress, wrap dress, and mermaid dress.

You should avoid some kinds of dresses like baby doll dresses, oversized dresses, and shapeless styles. You may need a belt to show your waist. It is the fact that the hourglass figure is considered as the perfect body so that you can be flexible in selecting dresses.

Choose dresses for Apple shape

For apple shape, they will have a large bust and fuller at the middle of your body. They tend to be bigger at the upper-half of their body. You can think about some names like Angelina Jolie, Mindy Kaling, and Oprah Winfrey for typical applied body shape.

Tips for you:

When it comes to this style, you should select a dress with a more flowy or full skirt or bottom. You should add v-necklines to draw attention to your waist and balance your look. Don’t worry about this because you can select many styles for your shape like midi dresses, A-line dresses, Flowy tunics, and more.

You should avoid form-fitting, peplum dresses, excessive fabrics, and horizontal lines from a dress. Let’s dress to help you look taller, slender, and graceful. Don’t forget a pair of high heels to help you look taller and slimmer.

Choose dresses for athletic body shape

Athletic body shape is identified by equal bust and hip measurements or you can call the body shape as square or rectangle. Your waist is not well defined and tends to be taller and leaner as well. Some people have this type of body shape like Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Eva Longoria.

Tips for you:

What dresses should you find? Round or sweetheart necklines are great choices when selecting dresses. In addition, you also select the dresses with draping or ruching to enhance your curves. The elements with volume, angles, unique necklines, swirls, or embellishments can help you balance your body parts. Let’s add more texture or pattern to your dresses with some style like Asymmetrical dress. Halter dress and Wrap dress.

You should avoid straight or square neckline dresses. Don’t wear rigid and shapeless clothes because they cannot enhance your body shape. Don’t worry much about your body shape because you can dress up for fuller or more enhanced figures for your body.

Top places for you to pick dresses

It is time for you to pick up dresses for your body shape but you can check the top list places below to shop online. Moreover, you can find many coupons and promo codes from coupon sites for the stores to get more money off in your pockets. Join now to make differences!


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Fashion Nova

Women dresses Fashion Nova

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Lane Bryant

Women dresses Lane Bryant

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To Sum Up

It is not difficult for you to pick up a dress that suits your body. Keep all tips in your hands to understand more about your body and get the top-dresses from the top places!

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