Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill with Sprint

Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill with Sprint
Together with Verizon and AT&T, Sprint is one of the leading carriers in the telecommunication market and offers select discounts through financial and corporate partnerships. As a customer of this cell phone provider, you can take advantage of online tools or customer service telephone representatives to save money on your monthly cell phone bill – a really big problem of any cell phone users. And now let’s discover some interesting programs that help you to save with Sprint.
Sprint coupons

It is simple for you to make your purchases without paying for the original price of the merchandise. In case you are new to Sprint or you don't know how to get extra bucks cut off from your order total, follow our secret tips and tricks below. 

Credit Union

To be a member of a credit union is the easiest way to lower your cell phone bill with Sprint. By using your check card, check, or bank statement to prove your membership in the credit union, you can enjoy a 10–15% discount on your cell phone bill.  In addition, customers can also get activation fees waived during hardware upgrades after their credit union membership discount is attached to their wireless account.
Please keep in mind that you have to sign up for a new account at the website to be able to join the Credit Union. Simply complete the online form with your personal information as required. Sprint only uses your information in payment and shipping.

Corporate Discounts

This is a program applied to both new and existing customers. To take part in this program, you must be employed by certain employers. What you must do is sign up online using your work email address, wait for confirmation of the email, and then you will start receiving the discount within two to three billing cycles through Sprint's Employee Value Program. If you are an employee of a qualifying company but have no work email address, you can also use your employee badge. Just go to a Sprint store and show proof of employment to a representative in order to qualify for the discount. Specifically, if you work for The New York Times or EDS, you could receive an 18% or 26% discount, respectively, on your monthly service from Sprint.

Referral Offer

Getting a referral offer from a Sprint employee is another way to save money with Sprint. Join Sprint's Everything Plus Referral Program and you can save money on regularly priced Sprint plans. For example, you’d pay only $129.99 per month for a two-line, 1,500-minute Everything Data Plan (which includes unlimited data, text messaging, and mobile service). However, the program requires that you have a Sprint employee's email address and the last three digits of his or her employee ID number.

Buy new phone at Sprint 

Sprint provides new phones at a discount price when shop them with data plans. Explore through the list of available phones and select the one you prefer to shop. Then compare between plans of Sprint to find out which one is the right for you. Not only check the price but also check the data, minutes, and others included to make sure you don't need to pay extras for what you need. 
Sometimes the cheapest plan can cost you bigger than others when it does not contains enough features for your needs. Make sure you choose the best plan before going to the checkout. The discount will be automatically counted on your final subtotal. 

Other Sprint coupons and sales 

Besides special coupons such as referral, Corporate, and member-only coupons for Credit Union, Sprint also provides other coupons and promos for you to make purchases without paying for the full price of products or plans. Where to get current Sprint coupons? Simply visit us at the website, go to the "Sprint" store to browse the full list of all the freshest coupons and promos such as Sprint coupons for existing customers, 50% OFF coupon, just $7.99/mo, and others. Choose the most valuable one to apply to your purchases and get your order total cut off a significant amount of money.
All the codes and deals found on our site are checked and added daily to ensure you can get the freshest ones. Visit us daily or subscribe to our site with your email address to always be the first to get notifications about new sales and promotions throughout the year. 
*To note: 
You can only get your purchases cut off a huge amount of money when you select the Sprint coupon code or deal that fits your purchases. Read the T&Cs of the discount carefully to make sure it the right for your purchases. 
Most Sprint discount codes and promos are only available for a limited time, use your selected deal as soon as possible to get your purchases fixed for a better price. 

Online Tools

The last way to save money on Sprint cell phone bills is by using online tools. Sprint Plan Optimizer is one specific example. Just log in at, then go to the "My Account" link. Here you can see a summary of billed charges and an option to select "Analyze My Plan." You can also go to With this plan optimizer, you can determine whether or not you have the right plan for the number of minutes, data and text messaging you use.
After the above information, do you see that saving money with Sprint is not a complicated task? In addition, you can save even more when buying new cell phones at Sprint thanks to fantastic deals and promotions. Why not try the above ways to save money right now?
Written by: Cam Nhung Dinh

I am fond of writing, reading & taking care of pets. Plus, with multiple years in using promo codes, I can give you many useful tips.