Starbucks Canada  Coupons & Promo codes

Starbucks Canada Coupons

With coffee/tea lovers, waking up then staring working without a cup of tea/coffee is unacceptable, or sometimes it could be terrible. Have you ever imagined about enjoying a Starbucks cup of coffee/tea with a very lower price than normal? or getting a breakfast including tea or coffee with a tiny amount of money? It can absolutely happen in real. By using those promo codes, deals below, you can totally enjoy your mornign with a cup of coffee/tea with your friends. So, don't wait for anything, check it out!

Starbucks Canada Coupons & Promo codes

With coffee/tea lovers, waking up then staring working without a cup of tea/coffee is unacceptable, or sometimes it could be terrible. Have you ever imagined about enjoying a Starbucks cup of coffee/tea with a very lower price than normal? or getting a breakfast including tea or coffee with a tiny amount of money? It can absolutely happen in real. By using those promo codes, deals below, you can totally enjoy your mornign with a cup of coffee/tea with your friends. So, don't wait for anything, check it out!

Active Starbucks Canada Coupons & Promo codes

Expires: On going
New Starbucks VIA Refreshers starting at $6.95

Shop New Starbucks VIA Refreshers starting at $6.95. Enjoy Now!

Expires: On going
10% OFF for Email Signup

Save 10% OFF on your next order. Hear about new products and exclusive offers. Sign Up Now!

Expires: On going
Tazo Teas as low as $5.75

Shop Starbucks Tazo Teas as low as $5.75  at Order now!

Expires: On going
Starbucks Mocha Powder for C$8.95

StarbucksĀ® Mocha Powder for C$8.95 at Starbucks Canada. Order now!

Expires: On going
Coffee for $5.57 and up

Coffee for $5.57 and up at Starbucks Canada. Order now!

Expires: On going
Holiday Gift Sets from $8.95

Holiday Gift Sets from $8.95 at Starbucks Canada. Order now!

Starbucks Canada coupon codes – waking up your energy  

Are you a coffee/tea lover? If the answer is “yes”, must-known brand “Starbucks” is your perfect choice. You are Canadian, or even living in this beautiful country currently, you will get the privilege from the store’s incredible coupon codes. Let’s using those Starbucks Canada promo codes below to enjoy your passion for tea/coffee every time you want without thinking too much about the amount of money that you have to spend on it daily.

1. How to get Starbucks Canada discount codes?

Starbucks Canada coupon codes

Checking our site before deciding to grab yourself a coffee/tea, our site contains so many discount codes for you to choose your favorite items. Don’t forget to ask your friends as well, enjoying happy time together with Starbucks  Canada coupon codes.

Going through site constantly to catch up those coupons and have your own cheaper a cup of tea/coffee.  All coupon codes are valid in a certain period time, so don’t wait for anything, let’s start enjoying the taste of your coffee/tea life.

2. How to use Starbucks Canada coupon codes?

We are here to help you reach those benefits, so don’t be worried if you never use Starbucks coupon codes. All you need to do is following these steps below:

Step 1: Firstly, go to, and search for “Starbucks Canada” store, clicking on the shown result.

Step 2: Choose your wanted coupon and click on “Get Deal” to start using them.

Step 3: You will be taken to Starbucks Canada site for further shopping

Step 4: Find the box to write down the discount codes on it

Step 5: Hit “Apply” then “check out” to finish your purchase

*Note: If you get Starbucks Canada deal, no code is needed. All you need to do is following the new tab that the site takes you there to shop. Your discount will be updated automatically at checkout.

3. About Starbucks

The world-wide popular brand was founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Seigl, a history teacher and Gordon Bowker, a writer. Its current headquarter is located in Seattle Washington, USA. In addition, the company owns 17800 stores in 49 countries, including 11068 stores in the USA, over 1070 stores in Canada, and more than 8000 stores in Japan.

About Starbucks Canada

The first store was opened at the Seabus Skytrain Station in Vancouver, on March 1, 1987. It expanded to more than 1070 licensed stores in Canada. With the intense development, buyers now can easily use Starbucks Canada discount coupon codes to buy a cup of tea/coffee.

Great savings with Starbucks Canada coupon codes

Worth the wake-up: Only $4.95 for a breakfast with sandwich and tall brewed coffee.

Signing up by email to get 10% off

Ordering Tazo Tea with only $5.75

Coffee for $5.57 and up

*Note: Keep in mind that those coupon codes are available only for a short of time, therefore, you should be hurry if you want to order your favorite drinks with lower price. To be updated constantly, remember to follow our site to be the first one getting amazing coupon codes.

Why Starbucks?

With the prestige, Starbucks is an absolute choice for anyone who is looking for a real taste of coffee/tea. The king of coffee/tea purchases and roasts high-quality whole bean coffees. So many people have fallen in love with the taste of Starbucks coffee because of its genuine service, inviting atmosphere as well as superb cup of brewed coffee. So many interesting coupon codes are available for buyers to reduce the price. Therefore, you can experience new taste from Starbucks with Starbucks coupon & promo codes.

An Eco-friendly company

The company is undertaking some sustainability initiatives, which is going to support our environment. For instance:

In Cup Summit, hosted by Starbucks, many plastic and paper cup representatives have joined to find criteria for a better recycle solution together. Besides, the world-wide brand also offers customers a ten cent off when they bring reusable cups instead of using paper ones.

Starbucks collaborated with Conservation International in effort to reduce climate change. By creating a series of pilot projects, which is going to improve coffee production, restore and conserve natural habits. The company is focusing on renewable energy. Starbucks also promise to reduce the amount of used water in brewing coffee and tea process.

Starbucks takes responsibility for growing coffee. The company cooperated with Conservation International to address ethical sourcing of coffee. Guidelines will be provided to Starbucks farmers in the way that is not only good for the company, but also our planet.

4. Starbucks Categories

To get to know more similar stores, check this list below. Many coupons from other store are waiting for you.

Beverages: coffee, energy drinks, soda, tea, wine, wine & spirits.

Beer clubs.

Food&Beverages: Beverages, brewing, food services, grocery, meat, restaurants, specialty foods, sweets, tobacco.

Food services: Food delivery.

Food Gift Baskets: baked good, wine gift baskets.


5. How to get contact with Starbucks Canada?



Learning more information, as well as Starbucks’ activities, watching videos about Starbucks via Youtube

6. Starbuck Canada FAQs

Can I make a comment about the service that I received at the store? If yes how?

Yes, absolutely. Starbuck are always willing, and feel free to take any comments about the services from buyers. Your comments are one of those factors which are going to help the company to be developed better in the future. Therefore, 100% “yes”.

Customers can leave their comments by clicking on “contact us link”, writing down every thoughts you have for Starbucks and the team will respond you as soon as possible.

What is Star code?

Giving customer star code is a way for Starbucks showing an appreciation of grateful from their buying activities. If you just participate in and completed successfully an offer with Bonus Stars, a member-exclusive offer will be sent in your email, which is one of common ways for you to get a Star code. Remember to check your email and spam filters to make sure that you get email from Starbucks.

I want to exchange a Star Code

Visiting to enter Star Code in the correct table. You can only exchange maximum 2 Star Codes per day, please remember that.

Is it possible to change User ID/email address on my Starbucks account?

Yes. All you need to do is going to “Your Account”, signing in with your old User ID and Password. After then, you can start changing your account information.  

I lost my Starbucks Card, what should I do now?

Please notify us about your lost card, with registered card, all Starbuck Rewards membership as well as all remaining balance will be protected, because Starbucks will freeze all of them at that time.

To report, you can sign in your Starbucks account, clicking on “Cards” section and press “Report Lost or Stolen Link.” An email will be sent to your mailbox about the replacement of new one.  

*Note: With Starbucks Gold Cards, the replacement will be transferred into a standard plastic card.

How long does lost Gold Card-reporting process last?

You will get your replacement in 3-4 weeks if you report online or on your mobile app.

Can a Sterling Silver Starbucks Card or Limited Edition Starbucks Card be replaced?

If your card was registered, it will be changed into a standard plastic Starbucks Card. All the remaining balance will be intact.

Is this true if I can get free refill of hot or iced brewed coffee or tea?

Yes, it is. By using registered Starbucks Card to buy your drinks at the store where you registered your card, you can refill your cup for no fee.

*Note: It has to be the same card for both times. It would be a new purchase when you leave the store and come back.

I found out that my email was used by someone else. How could it happen?

It could happen with those circumstances:

You use the same email address to register multiple accounts

Your registered email might be junk email address

The address on file is not accurate

Maybe, someone created an account with your email address.  

What should I do now if someone uses my email account?

In case you use multiple accounts and want to merge all of them, don’t be hesitate giving us a call: 800-Starbuc (800-782-7282).

In case your email is not accurate, please update it with the current email address.

Calling in the above phone number to ask for help if you think someone is using your email address to create an account.

I live in Canada, so is Mobile Order & Pay available?

Yes, it is. Mobile Order & Pay is available across the United States and Canada, some stores in the United Kingdom as well.

How can I search for

These following steps will help you:

Go to

In the searching bar, entering “” including the search words that you are looking for (for example: star code).

Here you are, all results will be shown.

How can I change my settings to receive your email offers?

Go to your account online, click on the menu. Choosing “profile” -> “settings”

Find out the “communication Preferences” then choose “edit” -> “Yes, I’d like promotional email from Starbucks”

A theft just stole my phone, what should I do to protect my information?

Customers can set up a Starbucks Card Account via to keeping the balance in safe. When your phone lost, report us right away. If there is any suspicious activity on your account, call Starbucks’ customer service at 1-800-STARBUC (782-7282).

I want to get nutritional information for food but it requires my location, is it possible for not doing this?

To assure the freshness of Starbucks’ products, they are all taken from local bakeries. We can give you the most accurate information when you give us your location.

I heard that Starbucks will give buyers Birthday Reward on his/her birthday, is this true and how can I get it on my birthday?

By logging into your account online, or checking your Starbucks app, you can check your birthday Reward status. The Starbucks team will send you an email to notify you about it also.

My store doesn’t show up on the map, how can I search for it?

If you cannot search for your store via map, you should try again by searching city or zip code which is closer to the store’s location.

How many Starbucks cards can I register?

Starbucks does not limit the amount of cards to anyone’s account. However, the company recommends you should own one only.

Do I have to follow any rules while using the site?

This is an open forum, therefore, no inappropriate conduct is allowed as well as inappropriate posts. You can find out more in “Terms and Conditions”.

How can I place an order?

First of all, please note in mind that you’ve already enabled Location Services for Starbucks app. For iOS:

Go to “settings” -> privacy -> location services.

Scrolling to the Starbucks app then choose either “While Using” or “Always”

Without data connection, I cannot update my Starbucks Card balance, can I?

Yes, it is correct that your balance won’t be updated without data connection even when your barcode is scanned.   

A month ago, I received an eGift with the iMessage app. However now I couldn’t find anything. How can I find it again? Or it’s gone for good?

You can search for your eGift by “Starbucks gift card.” Enjoy this!   

7. Abstract

If you are a coffee/tea lover, and being in Canada now, don’t be hesitate to access site to find out more discount codes for your buying. You can make your own day to be happier than the old day by enjoying a cup of tea/coffee with the lower price. I’m sure that you can easily boost your day as well as work more effective. Starbucks Canada promo code, Starbucks Canada discount codes, Starbucks Canada coupon codes, Starbucks Canada  deals are waiting for you to catch them.




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