6 Must-Have Dishes For A True Thanksgiving Meal

6 Must-Have Dishes For A True Thanksgiving Meal

Do you forget to feel lucky and thankful for people in your lives and all the things you have? Thanksgiving is the right day for you to remember all the things you take for granted. Don't forget to prepare the best dishes and traditional foods for your guests. Keep your reading to find the way to pay less but prepare more for your Thanksgiving Day with Thanksgiving sales and deals.

What is Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving is a big holiday of the year. It is annually celebrated in the U.S on the fourth Thursday of November. At first, it was meant to celebrate the last harvest when farmers collect plants and food from the fields. Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada, but slightly earlier than Americans. Otherwise, Thanksgiving also has a slightly different meaning for Canadians.

6 traditional foods for a true Thanksgiving meal 

Thanksgiving meals


Firstly, Turkey is a must-have dish on our table when it comes to Thanksgiving. It wouldn't be the same when you don't eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Turkey for Thanksgiving is always prepared whole and filled with vegetables, fruits, and other stuff. It is also covered within herbs for rich flavor and smell before being roasted in the oven. The finest roasted Turkeys are juicy and delicious. For the best dish, you should follow the right guides.

Mashed potatoes 

Other dishes to prepare for a traditional meal for Thanksgiving must be mashed potatoes. Potatoes are peeled and boiled before being crushed into a soft and creamy dish. Remember to add garlic, butter, and milk to your dish to have a perfect dish. Even though it is not a complicated dish, mashed potatoes are the most-liked dished for most guests on Thanksgiving. You can boil potatoes while cooking other dishes to save your time, especially when you have to prepare many dishes. Moreover, remember to take juices when cooking the turkey or other meats to pour onto the mashed to potatoes to give the dishes more flavor.

Cranberry sauce 

When preparing for the Thanksgiving meal, you shouldn't forget to make cranberry sauce. It is a sweet but tangy flavor sauce that is perfect to eat with turkey. Besides, it is simple for you to make cranberry sauce, you only need to boil cranberries, lemon zest, sugar, and water before simmering it. In case you don't have enough time and ingredients to cook this dish, you can easily buy cooked cranberry from the market.


Thanksgiving meals

Other dishes that are irreplaceable in Thanksgiving are cornbread. It is simple for you to make cornbread. You only need to prepare powder from dried and ground corn. Besides, you can eat creamed corn which is crushed corn sauce or soup. Otherwise, you can make corn on the cob simply by grilling whole corn in the oven. The best corn to prepare your dishes must be fresh to bring the sweet flavor. Always buy corn from reliable stores and don’t forget to check out if you can save your extra coins with Thanksgiving sales and discounts on your ingredients such as HelloFresh coupon codes, Fresh Direct discount codes, and others.

Pumpkin Pie

Nowadays, pumpkin spice is the flavor of the Autumn in America now. You can find almost everything in the pumpkin spice version such as pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin spice cookies, etc. Otherwise, you can even get pumpkin spice sausages and bagels. And when Thanksgiving is coming, it is time to make pumpkin pie. A tasty warm spice and pumpkin filling inside a flaky crust will always make the perfect table for Thanksgiving.

Pecan Pie 

Additionally, a detectable pecan pie can complete the meal. You can make the pie from pecans with spices and maple syrup. Pecan pie is always irresistible, even when your guests are full, they will make room for it.

Tips to save your coins in Thanksgiving

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Last message

Get ready to make Thanksgiving the best day of the year with the guest-ready dining. Never forget to make your purchase smartly with Thanksgiving sales to get extra bucks put back to your budget.

Hope you have got interesting information about Thanksgiving and how to prepare for Thanksgiving day for less!

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