Awesome Saving Tips On Spirit Airlines Flights: Book Now To Fly Cheaper!

Awesome Saving Tips On Spirit Airlines Flights: Book Now To Fly Cheaper!

Spirit Airlines is known as one of the cheapest ways to fly in the United States. It has been changed to develop to help customers get the best services as well as fly cheaper. Check the Awesome saving tips on Spirit Airlines flights below to start booking right now and enjoy perfect savings.

Awesome saving tips on Spirit Airlines flights

Spirit Airlines is an American Airline operating more than 460 flights daily to 60 destinations in the United States, Latin American, and the Caribbean. Many people feel comfortable during the journey and you can save better on each price through the Spirit Airlines tips below. Discover now to have nice more nice trips with your friends and family.

Spirit $50 voucher

Don’t book Spirit Airlines flights online

It sounds weird to you when you hear about this but it is the fact that you should book a flight at the airport. Last year, I booked a ticket for our family holiday and I was surprised that when I checked from Spirit Airlines agents, the price was cheaper than I booked online. The fee for booking online is nearly $20 per person each way so that I can save nearly $160 for four people in my family. If you have enough time, you should go to the airport to check flight tickets to book at a lower price. Surely, if you fly with many people you will save more.

Spirit Airlines Saver $ Club

The name $9 Fare Club has now changed to the Spirit Saver$ Club – one of the best ways to help you get more savings. You should consider to take part in this club to take discounts on many flights and even more, you can discover some super discounted fares. They still kept the price as the $9 Fare Club but you will have two new additional options:

12 Month Membership = $69.95

18 Month Membership = $99.90 (Save $5)

24 Month Membership = $129.90 (Save $10)

You can renew your membership automatically and take many benefits from Spirit Airlines as listed below:

  • Discounted fares
  • Discounted bags
  • Discounted flight Flex
  • Discounted seats
  • Discounted Shortcut security
  • Discounted shortcut boarding

Do you know that you can enjoy discounts up to 50% off on bags for you for up to 8 additional guests? Check Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees Coupon to get more ways of taking cashback when shopping online. Through some information of Spirit Airlines Saver $ Club, I think you are ready to join the club and start booking to fly cheaper!

Remember to check-in online

You need to pay $10 per person to complete check-in and get your boarding at the ticket counter. You can follow three ways below to help you save $10 each time check-in.

Check-in through Spirit Airlines App: you can download free through Android or Apple in which you can register directly in the App to get your boarding pass. Just need TSA and gate scan QR code to get ready to for your flight.

The second way you can use is that use check-in online and print your boarding pass and remember to bring it to the airport.

The third way you can use is use check-in online but you will get your boarding pass via your email.

*Note: Please note that you need to take the image of your boarding pass before going to the airport because there is no service at the airport to help you access the app or email. Of course, you can save $10 on your order. Let’s try now to enjoy perfect savings!

The way you check in it means that you will be assigned Random seats but don’t worry about this because you can take money back easiest. If you select seats, you may pay a fee starting from $1 to $10 so that for a family with 4 people, you need to pay $80 for a round trip flight. Check-in online is the best way.

Use Spirit Airlines promo codes for online booking

Spirit airlines promo codes

When you book flights online, you can add a promo code for your flight. Search for all Spirit Airlines coupons and promo codes to use on your online booking and get instant cash back if the discount codes are active. There are many kinds of coupon codes for you like Spirit Airlines student discount, Spirit promo code Reddit and other promotions. Take coupons and deals from a reliable coupon website to make sure that you can get the best code at the time you booking. I usually check coupons and codes from the site to take instant the list of active promotions and offers.

Book lower Fare with Spirit Airlines Deals

On the homepage of the website Spirit Airlines, you should visit the section of “Deals” in which you can update the latest deals and promotions for the store. From this, they also update the lowest flight offers that you may choose for your destinations. Never miss amazing deals as listed below:

Fares from $25 for one way with SC members or $40 one way for non-member

Take 80% OFF on your flights with Spirit Airlines coupon code

Enjoy Fares from $38 one way

*Note: Never miss to search deals for your flight by entering information of your trip and start selecting the most suitable deals for you. Spirit Airlines always bring more chances to help customer fly cheaper and customers also feel happy with each dollar they save.

If you have any questions about your flight you should contact Spirit Airlines via phone at 1 (855) 728-3555 or choose topics from a contact form to submit your request.

Besides, you can use social networks to submit your request as well as update all the latest coupons, promo codes, and other deals of the store. Check the networks below to go to the homepage:




Free Spirit Members

Sign up email to become Spirit members and take more rewards and status and take many benefits on your bookings:

Get points for every dollar you spend on fares

Redeem your points for any flights with redemptions as low as 2,500 points

Get the faster ways to redeem Free Spirit points plus cash or combine with Points Pool

Please check the following information to get more details about Free Spirit members:

Earning points: you can earn points for each dollar you spend on Spirit as well as select partner airlines. Moreover, you can get points from your pets. Place order right to earn more points.

Redeem points: You can start redeeming points from 2,500 points and Free Spirit Points + Cash.

Earn more benefits: free shortcut boarding, seats, bags, and free same-day standby

Pool your points: you can combine points with up to 8 friends and family members to earn rewards flights faster. So that you More Go for everyone.

Free Spirit Credit Cardholder: you can earn Free Spirit Status Qualifying Points (SQP) towards Status and much more things.

Access exclusive offers from your partners on great products and services

Take your bags instead of a carry-on

You should use carry-on luggage for the following reasons;

  • Reduce the risk of lost luggage
  • Keep all things with you
  • Save more time on arriving your destination
  • Save much money on your bookings

Please look at the chart below you can see that in most cases, the price of carry-on luggage is more expensive than checked luggage. Remember that you should check about the size of your personal items because Spirit Airlines will be strict about this problem. They will charge $65 for a carry-on if you do not meet the standard about sizes. In other cases, you can find Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees Coupon and other deals about this to reduce the cost while flying. Join now to save better.

Spirit airlines flights

Easy Spirit Christmas deals

The final tip that I want to share with you is Spirit Christmas deals. For this time you can take offers with a discount up to 53% on your booking. You can find great coupons like Spirit Airlines promo code $35 off coupon and Spirit $50 voucher. Register with Spirit Airlines to access all the biggest discounts for your orders and go everywhere that you like. Take your bags and go with Spirit Airlines to pay less.

To Sum Up

I have shared some great tips on savings when booking flies with Spirit Airlines. Let’s search for Spirit Airlines flights for your next trip and see how much you can save. Surely, you will be proud of the total money you can get from the store. Good luck to you!

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