Booking Greyhound tickets online: How to book and save

Booking Greyhound tickets online: How to book and save

Are you ready to travel by bus? Greyhound is the perfect destination for you to book a bus ticket. Booking Greyhound tickets online right now and finding the best ways to save on each online booking through our article below.

How to start booking Greyhound tickets online?

Booking Greyhound tickets online

Please visit the website Greyhound and go to the section Book A Trip to start Booking Greyhound tickets online. Just enter your destination in the section “From” And “To” to check about your departure. And then Click on “Depart on” and “Add return trip” to select the date that you want to start.

In this section, you can retrieve your booking, find your bus stop, and track your bus. The boarding will begin 20 minutes prior. In case, you have got a ticket, you only need it at the gate at your barding time. If you are traveling with bags you remember that you will have extra time at the ticket counter to get need help from agent assistant.

If you have got an Economy Extra or Flexible fare, you can change the ticket on the same day. As long as there is a set available you can switch to an earlier bus.

From your tickets, you can check the following information:

The type of your fare

Your schedule number

Your trip and final destination

Departure time and station address

Final destination arrival time and station address

Order in which you will board the bus

Gate your bus will depart from

The time you need to line up to the board

Total number of tickets

Now let’s stat Booking Greyhound tickets online to take more convenient and save better on your online order thanks to our Greyhound coupons, promo codes, and other deals for the store.

How to save when booking online tickets?

Greyhound promo code

There is no doubt that you can make more money off on each online booking. Let’s check the following tips to save more on your online order.

Save up to 30% OFF

Now you can enjoy deep discounts up to 30% OFF when booking online tickets in the following ways:

  • Book through the website and mobile app
  • Travel on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • You can book 7 days in advance

Use Commuter pass

It is time for you to save on your daily travels with a commuter pass. They have 1-day, 10-day or 30-day travel passes for the routes listed below:

Baton Rouge, LA to New Orleans, LA

Mount Laurel, NJ – New York City, NY

Please follow the website to check more locations coming soon for more savings when Booking Greyhound tickets online.

Students Discount

If you are students, you will have a chance to take 10% OFF with Greyhound travel and 15% OFF shipping with the Student Advantage Discount Card

The card is only $20 per year and they can buy online, a promo code is needed for you to enter at the checkout step to get instant discounts.

Please follow the notes to get the Students discounts:

The discounted student fare only valid on Greyhound buses and participating connecting bus companies

You cannot apply them to Greyhound Canada routes

Students need to show Student Advantage Discount© Card to get discounts

You cannot combine Students discount with other promotions and offers

Military discounts

Military discounts will be applied to the following people: Air Force, Army, Marines Navy, Coast Guard, and former member of the National Guard or Reserve. Let’s sign up for Veteran Advantage program to take avail of the following great discounts:

10% OFF on selected Greyhound fare

Take 25% OFF package shipping via Greyhound Package Express

It is also available for family, parents, and siblings via Vet Rewards Card ID

You also use tickets more than buses including special insurance coverage, travel, drugs, dining, entertainment, and more.

Online coupons

You can find Booking Greyhound tickets online coupon from our website Just enter a store name in the search box to take all the list of Greyhound coupons and promo codes in your hands. You only need to click through the coupon that you live to reveal the terms and conditions of the coupon. All coupons will have an expiration date so that you should check all coupons carefully to make sure that you can get the most valuable coupon at the checkout step.

Greyhound Deals and promotions

From the website, you can visit the section deals and discounts in which you can check all discounted fare as well as the promotion program of the store. Click through the promotions to discover more the terms and conditions of the store. Join now to save better!

To Sum Up

Let’s get Booking Greyhound tickets online at the cheapest price to take a bus on your traveling right now. Enjoy the cheapest price through great tips and treats from Greyhound. Check all coupons and deals right now to see differences!

Start here to grab all coupons and deals for the store Greyhound!

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