Does Walmart Do Price Match? - Full FAQs & Shopping Guides

Does Walmart Do Price Match? - Full FAQs & Shopping Guides

Do you know “does Walmart do price match” or “does Walmart still price match”, keep your reading for answers and catch the chance to maximize your benefits on the next orders.  

does Walmart do price match

Does Walmart do price match?

Yes. Walmart is committed to offering low prices every day, on everything from home decor and fragrance to some stuff for you to add to your wardrobe. 

In case you find out a lower price from an online store or an in-stock product, just let Walmart know and they will match it.

Please keep in mind that there are some limitations when requiring a price match on your items.

The product must be identical (like model, size, brand, color, quantity).

The product must be available at the online store or on the website at the time you make your price match request.

Walmart will price match a maximum of 1 item per customer per day. (This limitation is not applied to orders to New Mexico, except resale purchases).

All items that are not currently available are not qualified for rain-check.

Does Walmart still price match?

Yes. Walmart still does a price match to ensure all shoppers will get products at the best price in the market.

But please keep in mind that in some cases, Walmart will not match the price.

Discounts applied in checkout.

Products purchased from an online store that later decrease in price.

Price from the marketplace and third-party sellers.

Stores in Alaska and Hawaii will not price match other store prices or online prices.

Auctions prices or member-only price.  

Percentage off or dollar off offers such as Walmart $10 OFF $50 or 10% OFF online order.

Prices that cannot be specified independently of other items such as shipping charges, fees, and more.

Prices that require a minimum quantity of purchase.

Bundle offers, coupons, mail-in deals, discounts including financing.

Used, damaged, or refurbished items.

Items that are listed as closeout, clearance, flash/special hour/limited quantity, liquidation, or other exclusive event offers.

In-store prices

Price errors

Discount price

No price matches to the discount price from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

Does Walmart price match Amazon?

Yes. Walmart does the price match Amazon. In case you find any products at the Amazon store have a lower price than Walmart, save the information of specific items, and let the cashier know and get your subtotal fixed for a better price.

Does Target price match Walmart?

Yes. Target is another department that Walmart does price match.

No matter if you are into apparel & accessories or you wish to update your shopping cart with pet supplies, don’t forget to shop around to make a comparison between pricings, and request for a better price at Walmart.  

Does Best Buy price match Walmart?

Yes. Best Buy is on the list of stores that Walmart will do price match.

As you have known that does Walmart do price match, simply browse the list of all the in-stock products at Best Buy, from appliances to cell phones and video games to find out what you are missing to collect.

Don’t forget to check out the price of each item you wish to collect and make a comparison with Walmart to ensure you don’t shop at a more expensive price.

Does Home Depot price match Walmart?

Yes. Walmart does price match Home Depot for customers to make purchases at the best price in the market.

In case you find out any items at Home Depot have a cheaper price than Walmart, simply save the information and request to get your purchases price match.

Does Walmart price match online?

Yes. As you are about to know "does Walmart do price match", the store also does price match to order retailer's online price.

If you find out that your selections available at other online stores at a better price, just start a conversation with the Walmart customer representative to request a price match.

Please note that you have to wait for to do the final decision for matching an online price from its competitors.

Does Walmart price match in store?

Yes. As you know the answer to "does Walmart do price match" or "does Walmart still price match", to be detailed, it does provide a price match in-store.

Please follow some basic requirements below to get your requests solved.

Inform the associate of the price.

Only select the items that are available at the time you make your request.

Walmart reserves the right to verify your requests and limit the quantities to 1 per shopper, per item, per day.

No matter what you wish to add to your shopping bag, from chic designs of clothes or some unique pieces of furniture, always remember to check the price on Walmart’s competitor stores to make sure you get your items at the best price.

Does Walmart do price adjustments?

Yes. You shouldn't only focus on "does Walmart do price match" or "does Walmart price match online" because you have another choice to get your products fixed for a better price.

In case your products are listed in on sale list within 7 days after you make your order, contact the customer support or representative to require a price adjustment.

*To note:

Keep the bills and purchase proof to ensure you are eligible to ask for a price adjustment.

Follow the list of active discounts and sales of Walmart to not miss the chance to require a price adjustment.

In case you wish to score some coins from your subtotal, please run your eyes over the list of active coupons and deals on our site such as 10% Walmart Grocery Promo Code For Existing Customers, 10% OFF, plus free shipping code and others. Select the most valuable one to apply to your purchases and get some bucks put back to your budget.


You know the answer to “does Walmart do price match” or “does Walmart still price match”. Just browse the list of all the items you need and collect what you are missing. Catch all the chances to make your purchases without paying for the full price of products.

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