How To Get The Right Glasses For Face Shape: Great Tips For You

How To Get The Right Glasses For Face Shape: Great Tips For You

Are you looking for perfect glasses? It is necessary for you to get the right glasses for face shape to complete your appearance. Here are the great tips for you to pick up a frame following your face shape.

How To Get The Right Glasses For Face Shape?

Glasses For Face Shape

What is your face shape?

Do you know that choosing the right glasses for face shape will help you enhance your unique facial contours? Firstly, you need to decide what your face shape is to have more choices on your orders. There are 5 main types of face shapes:






Keep your scrolling down to discover some guides for each type of your face and select the best styles for you. Whatever your face shape is, you can express your personal styles as well as spirit with some features of your face.

Glasses for square face shape

Square shapes will have more angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. For this kind of face, you should select frames that are rounded and thinner to make a harmonious with your square face.

Tips for you:

You should select round, oval-shaped frames because it will make your face soften and balance

A thinner frame that won’t overwhelm your eyes and make sure that the width is slightly wider than your cheekbones

You can get more attractions with colored frames

The curved sunglasses design is also best for your square face.

For stylish glasses, you can select cat-eye shades for a try

Glasses for round face

If you have a round shape, you have softened angles with slighter wider cheekbones and an equally wide forehead and jaw. For a round face, you will get full cheeks and very few angles. In order to select perfect glasses for a round face, you should find the frames to add angles to your face.

Tips for you:

You can try rectangular frames to make your face appear longer and thinner

Add sharper and distinct lines to your face with angular and geometric frames to make a balance

You can make attention to your eyes with cat-eye or D-frame

Glasses for heart face shape

People have a heart face shape that is widest at the forehead and narrow gradually through the jaw. People may have long or round face but they will attract with a sweet look. You will look great with winged-out frames along with wider than their forehead.

Tips for you:

If you have a narrow chin, you can select bottom-heavy frames to create more width for your face.

For a frame with low set temples, you can select the style emphasizing the lower part of your face

Add more attraction to your eyes with oval-shaped frames of you have a pointy chin.

Light-colored or rimless frames are nice for heart shape to minimize the look of glasses

You also find the styles with D-frame with a deep base and subtle wingtips that proportionate to your face.

Glasses for triangle shape

Triangle shape will give your face with the widest at the jaw and narrow through the forehead. In order to get a perfect fit to your face, you can consider the following frame types: D-frames, aviator, and cat-eyes glasses.

Tips for you:

You should choose frames with detailing on the upper portion

Let’s look at design with widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom

Elongate your forehead with a wider or bolder bowline to attract more eyes

Glasses for oval face shapes

For oval face shapes, you will get wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw. You are very lucky if you get an oval face because you can fit most frame shapes. However, you should attend to the following points to get an awesome look.

Tips for you:

The most suitable frame for oval shape is a square, rectangular, and geometric shape

You should the frames that emphasize on the natural balance of your face and add more angles for soft curves.

If you want to be more styles, some styles with fierce cat-eye or an edgy pair of aviators are also good choice for you.

Whatever your shape style is don’t worry much about your face shape rules. You can base on these to find the best styles for you. Let’s start with your favorite brand and styles to have more choices for your collection. Let’s begin now with the most flattering proportions.

Best Places for Glasses Online

When you have known about your face shape, you can check the following places to buy glasses online. You can save both your time and money with perfect coupons and deals from coupon sites.

Glasses USA

Glasses USA Face Shape


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Glasses USA is a one-stop destination for the top brand that you are familiar like Ray-Ban, Coach, Michael Kors, and more. For your face, you can use virtual try-on from the website to try online from your home to get a nice look. They also give you a great guide on frame size, lens types and upgrade options. When shopping online never miss seasonal sales and discounts for new customers from the store as well as great Glasses USA coupons to take discounts up to 70% OFF. Shop now!


EyeBuyDirect Face Shape


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EyeBuyDirect provides you with non-prescription sunglasses, sport sunglasses and computer glasses designed to reduce glare. It was founded in 2005 as a nice place with affordable frames and glasses for prescription lenses. Check your favorite styles from the premium styles like Oakley, Rayban, and more. They also provide you with some guides to select frames for your face shape with selected products. They offer many discounts to customers like EyeBuyDirect Military Discount Code, Student Discount, Loyalty Program, and other EyeBuyDirect coupons.

Zenni Optical

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Zenni Optical is an online destination for a great collection of glasses. You can find eyewear for everyone and shop by shape with the perfect guide. The price is affordable from under $10 to about $46 for the basics along with upgrade services but you should spend a bit more. For the return policy, you need to select opting for store credit to get a full refund without getting shipping fees back. Never miss Zenni 20% Off, and other Zenni Optical discount codes to take more cashback in your pocket. Join now!

Glasses Etc

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Shop Glasses Etc to discover all the top designer brands for glasses like RayBan, Gucci, RayBan, Armani and more. You can shop for both glasses and sunglasses of men and women. Check the frame sizes from the store and remember to check Glasses Etc coupons, promo codes, and other deals to take instant cash back on your online order. face shape


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Free shipping is a one-stop destination for prescription glasses and shades. Select from the top brand names like RayBan, Oakley, and more to get the perfect fit for your eyes. Find the right styles and get free shipping on all orders from and save the best with coupons, 50% off coupon, and other deals. Join now to see differences!

To Sum Up

Customers can select the best styles of glasses to find the perfect fit for their face. Discover all tips and top places to buy the right glasses. Now you can complete your look easier with a few steps away.

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