How To Select The Right Men's Dress Shoes: Top Places To Pick Up

How To Select The Right Men's Dress Shoes: Top Places To Pick Up

Dress shoes are must-have items in men's shoe collection because they need to use these shoes on many occasions. It is important that men need to get the right shoes to make sure they feel good. Check the tips below to help you pick up the right men’s dress shoes.

How to select the right men’s dress shoes?

Mens Dress Shoes

Men, are you looking for a pair of dress shoes? Although you need to get your favorite styles let’s follow the tips to help you find the right men’s dress shoes and have more ideas on selecting great shoes on all occasions.

Look at and feel the leather

Leather is the ideal choice for men’s dress shoes. The leather shoes are perfect for men to mix and match with clothes. Moreover, leather will last longer and you can use it for a long time. One of the points that you should care about is that you should avoid shoes that are too shiny and have a plastic feel to them. It is better that leather will be smooth but not too smooth but maybe shiny to reflect you.

Get the shoes with a moderately shaped toe

There are many kinds of shoes for you to select from squared toes to narrowly pointed toes but it is not perfect for you. You should find the option between squared and pointed. You should remember that no object is perfect but you should balance between the two extremes to get the best one on your order.

Select the high with less than one inch

You can select dress shoes between too high and just right. You can select one ink mark or a bit lower is ok for you. Many shoes may not have a heel but formal and professional wear should have a heel.

Lace-up shoes for a business professional setting

Laces up shoes are perfect for a formal occasion. You can select the types of shoes like Oxfords or Derbies because it helps you get a professional look. In case you are wearing a suit, lace-up shoes are must have to enhance your complete look. But if you only wear a shirt and dress pants lace-up shoes are not required.  If you are ready for a black-tie affair, you should wear laced shoes.

Slip-on shoes for a business casual environment

If you want to relax more when wearing shoes, slip-on shoes are the perfect choices for you. It is a good choice for summer with khaki shorts and a polo shirt outfit. You also select slip-on when you are going to a casual dinner party or other settings like this. You can select many choices for your shoes like tassels, buckle, or suede. You can select any shoes you love as long as you use them with the right outfit in the right condition.

Black shoes are good choices for many occasions

Black shoes are good to connect with every color excepting brown. You can select the clothes with gray, blue or black to a good connection with these shoes. In case you only take one dress shoes, black is a good choice for you.

Brown shoes for backup

If you have brown and tan suits, it will look better with brown shoes. There are many shades for you to select but you also find other connections with your shoes to match easier. Why don’t you find and take one right now to make differences?

Try on your dress shoes

It is necessary for you to select get the right size on your shoes to help you confident on each step. Please follow some tips to get the right sizes for your shoes.

You should try on your shoes in the afternoon or evening because your feet will be swollen after a day of walking or running. Try on at the end of the day to make sure that the shoes are a perfect fit for your feet.

Let’s try on the socks that you are going to wear with dress shoes. You should wear slightly thicker socks to make sure that you leave a bit of extra room in your shoes.

It is the fact that you should take the shoes that make you comfortable when you first try on them.

You should walk around in the shoes to see how you feel about these shoes. If you have time to go to the store, this is the best way to know the shoes are fit you or not.

When shopping online, please make sure that you know about your size correctly. Let’s measure your feet before choosing. Please check the size chart of the brand that you are going to buy and take the right sizes to your feet.

Top Places for you to pick up

When shopping online for men’s dress shoes, you may have more options in mind. Check through the top places below to get all styles of dress shoes in your hands. Moreover, remember to use our great coupons and deals from coupon websites to add more items to your shoe collection.


Nordstrom dress shoes

When it comes to Nordstrom, you will believe in an excellent selection of quality shoes. The top leather and designer options are sure to please the pickiest of shoppers. They provide you with a wide selection of 6 styles like Oxford, Loafer, Derby, Monk Strap, Boot, and Business Casual. Whether you need a pair of shoes for a wedding party or just for going to work, Nordstrom is the right place for you with the latest fashion as well as you can shop at a lower price thanks to Nordstrom Promo Code Shoes, and other discount codes.


Macys dress shoes

Macys is a one-stop destination for you with the top shoe brands as well as styles to meet your unique sense of fashion taste. Browse through the great dress shoe styles from Macy's like cap toe, loafers, monk strap, plain toe, tuxedo, wing tip, and oxford. All shoes come from one of the top brand names like Stacy Adams, Anthony Veer, Clarks, and more. It is not difficult for you to find a unique pair of shoes here and save better on your online order with Macys 40% off coupon code, birthday coupon ode and other discounts. Shop now to see differences!

Banana Republic

Banana Republic dress shoes

Banana Republic is a nice place for a sleek pair of shoes. With men’s dress shoes, you can discover great choices of Oxfords and Loafers styles. Count on Banana Republic style and quality to prepare for your next soiree or other special events if you want to complete your look with perfect suits or shirts.  Check your right size and go to checkout with Banana Republic Email Sign Up 25% Off and other coupons to get more money off on your online order. Join now!


Zappos dress shoes

Zappos provides you with perfect online services to help you access an amazing selection of dress shoes for men like Oxfords and more. With Zappos, you can dress for any occasion with a sharp pair of men’s dress shoes. Impress clients with a perfect classic look with a pair of leather Oxfords. Browse through the top names like Ecco, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Stacy Adam, and more to catch up with the latest trend of fashion. Even if you are looking for a nice style for a weekend party, Zappos will help you to find the right items at a lower price thanks to Zappos Coupon Code 10% OFF, 20% off, 30% OFF, and more. Shop now!


Express  dress shoes

Express is a nice place for men to get fashionable contemporary dress shoes. It is easy for you to look polished from head to toe when discovering their collection of men’s dress shoes. They have all styles for you from leather to suede, from black color to gray color. All shoes are designed to help you get the most comfortable and perfect fit for men. Express dress shoes are the name for comfort and style to help men mix style with dress shirts, suits, and ties. Elevate men's style with an awesome gift from Express and remember to save better on each online thanks to Express Clothing Promo Code, $15 off, $100 off, and other offers.


Men would be more attractive on any occasion with dress shoes. Use all the above tips and check through the top place to pick up the most stylish and suitable shoes to your collection of men’s dress shoes.

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