How To Select The Right Toys For Young Children: Tips And Top Places

How To Select The Right Toys For Young Children: Tips And Top Places

What is the best toy for your kids? The way you choose toys for young children is very important to help them develop many skills and learn more about the world. Check the tips and top places below to get the perfect toys for your kids.

Toys For Young Children

How To Select The Right Toys For Young Children

The criteria to select toys

When it comes to a toy shop, there are many choices for you but you should pay attention to the following criteria to buy the best one for your little babies.

Age-appropriateness: Of course, they need toys that they can use so that when you selecting age-appropriateness toys which encourage your babies to develop many skills related to their toys. You should think about your kid’s age to buy first because when they receive toys prematurely at the age, they may have lost interest in using it.

Safety: Safety is also an important problem for you to select toys for your babies. For young children, they can pull, throw, bite and duck on anything that they get. Remember that the bigger kids the smaller toys they need, the smaller kids the bigger toys they need. Nontoxic materials needed to be chosen. Besides, you also avoid toys with sharp edges or with strings or ribbons long enough to wrap around your baby's neck.

Variety: For each time of shopping, you need to change about styles, colors, sounds, and shapes of toys to help them have more activities to discover. In this way, children can learn and discover different things at an early age.

Stimulation: you should select a good toy to stimulate one of the baby’s senses including touch, sight, sound, or taste. You also care about their developing abilities such as motor control, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Learning through playing: Toys for playing time but it is better if you can select the toys that help your kids both learning and playing.  Through toys, you can help your kids learn about colors, numbers, and around the world like animals, flowers, transportation, and more.

Toys by Age and Stage

Whatever toys are you looking for; they need to be suitable for your children’s ages. You can check the following suggestions below to select the best toys for young children.

Children from birth to 6 months

At the ages, you need toys to help them develop their eyes. Babies can reach and start using their hands and feet to touch and put things in their mouth and more. You can select the toys below:

Large rings, squeeze toys, teething toys, soft dolls and balls, board books to help them shake, hold and make noise

Books with nursery rhymes and poems

Pictures of faces and unbreakable mirrors to help them play with them

Toys for infants from 7 to 12 months

At this age they can move with different activities like scooting, bouncing, creeping, pulling, sitting, and more. They can find objects and put things in and out of the basket. You can buy toys as listed below:

Plastic and wood vehicles, baby dolls, puppets, and more

Large soft blocks and wooden cubes

Push and pull toys

Toys for 1-year-old kids

They will learn to stand and walk steadily and climb stairs. They like to experience new things but they need to be kept safe from adults. You can select the following toys for them:

Board books with simple images about real objects

Recordings with songs and simple stories

Things to build or pretend with: like toy phones, plastic animals, dolls, woodblocks and more

Busy boards with some tasks for them to learn like dials, switches, knobs, or lids

Large and small balls

Toys for 2-year-old kids

They tend to use their hands and fingers to do with small objects. They love activities like jumping from heights, climbing and more. The following toys that you can select:

Wood puzzles

Pretending and building—blocks, smaller (and sturdy) transportation toys and more

Washable crayons and markers, large paintbrushes and finger-paint

Picture books

Tunnels, balls in different sizes, pounding and hammering toys

Toys for kids from 3 to 6 years old

This is an age for Preschoolers and kindergartners in which they are ready to build many skills both in mind and body. You can use the following toys for them:

Puzzles in the difficult levels with 12 to over 20 pieces

Blocks for building complex structures

Things to create with crayons and markers

CD and DVD with more words and more detailed pictures

Picture books

Access computer if they can with an education program

Top Places To Buy Toys For Kids

Now you can check the top places below to visit and shop for all the best toys for kids online. While shopping online, remember to use and check coupons and promo codes from coupon websites to take instant money off on your online order.


Fisher-Price Toys

Shop Fisher-Price for educational toys for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers! Enter the store to discover a great collection of baby gear, toys, and more. All toys are designed with safe materials and suitable for each step of your kids.

When shopping online right now, never miss perfect Fisher-Price coupons, promo codes, and other deals of the store to save better. Free shipping will be applied to all orders over $50. Shop now to save better!


Zulily toys

You can find everything from Zulily but you need to create an account to reach this site. Kids will have more selection of toys from this site with games, puzzles, electronic toys, bath toys, educational toys, books and more. It is easy for you to find toys here for both inside and outside the house.

Shop the store and remember to take avail of Zulily Free Shipping Code, 20% OFF coupon code and other deals of the store to save better on your online order. Shop online right now to save better!


Walmart toys

Walmart is also a nice place for kid’s toys. Shop the store to discover trending toys for all ages from the top brand names. Kids will have interesting hours with exciting toys and various choices here. Shop the store to take avail of free two-day shipping on orders over $35 or more. Besides you also take more chances with money off on their orders such as Walmart promo code 20% OFF, discount codes, and other deals. Join now!

Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug toys

At Melissa and Doug, your kids will learn and develop many new skills through interesting toys. Surely you can find here toys that aid in early brain development such as art & creativity, physical activity, problem solving, developmental play and more. One of the most featured toys that you can get from here like oversized wooden needles, craft materials, illustrated design booklet, and 91 yards of rainbow yarn. Shop now and take avail of Melissa and Doug coupons, promo codes and other deals of the store to save better on your online order.


ShopDisney toys

ShopDisney is a one-stop destination for Mickey’s magic, Elsa, Spiderman, and other Disney activities. When it comes to the store, you can discover the world of action figures, collectibles, dolls, playsets, pretend play, sports & outdoor toys. Enter the world of Frozen II, Lego Star Wars, and more at a lower price thanks to Disney Store 50% OFF Coupon, free shipping promo code, and other deals.

To Sum Up

Let’s help your kids have a more meaningful time with the right toy and the right ages. Go through the tips and online store to save your time and have more choices.

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