How To Select The Right Watch Size For Men: Tips & Top Places

How To Select The Right Watch Size For Men: Tips & Top Places

When buying a watch for men, it is important to know about the size of watches but how to select the right watch size for men. Check the following tips to get the perfect one for men’s wrist.

How To Select The Right Watch Size For Men

Mens watches

People usually ask the question “What watch size should I get for my wrist?” when shopping for watches. Check the watch's sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your hands. Here is the guide for you to select the right size for men’s watches.

Measure your wrist

First, you should know about the wrist circumference to decide the right sizes of your watch. Let’s wrap a tape measure around your wrist to know about your wrist size. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can wrap a string around your wrist and mark the place, and then you can use a ruler to measure.

Measure your watch size

When you know about your wrist size you can check the following elements of a watch to select the right size for your wrist: case size and strap size.

Case size and thickness

Watch Case size

You should remember that when the diameter of a watch case increases or decrease, the thickness does as well. The ideal case thickness of watch sizes usually from 6-7 mm. For each brand, it will have its own case’s thickness but you can check the standard case’s thickness for most of the watches as below:

6mm – 8mm


8mm – 12mm


14mm – 18mm


You need to decide the one side (diameter) and then compare with your wrist to get the right size. For example, the watch size for 6-inch wrist or 40mm watches on wrist and vice versa.

Band Width

The way you determine the bandwidth is good for you to get the right one for your wrist. You should select a band or strap that is half of the case diameter as the table below:

Case Diameter: 36mm

Strap Size: 18mm

Case Diameter: 40mm

Strap Size: 20mm

Case Diameter: 44mm

Strap Size: 22mm

Strap material

You should select strap material depending on your hobbies. Metal bracelets with a mesh or a link form which is usually liked by men with larger wrists. Sports watches are tended to use with fabric or nylon straps. Hence, you also need to pay attention to this point to get the right size.

Tips for you to get the watch sizes

Watch Size For Men

For whatever types of watches, you need to get the correct size to your wrist to get a nice look. You can check the chart below to select the sizes depending on 4 categories: S, M, L and XL.

Small watch (S)

a wrist with a maximum circumference of 15 centimeters

Medium watch cases (M)

Nice for a circumference of 15 to 17 centimeters

Larger watch (L)

fit a circumference of 17 to 19 centimeters

Extra-large watches (XL)

a wrist circumference of 18 centimeters and larger

Another way for you to check the watch size that depending on your wrist size and the case diameter. After that, you can answer the question of what size you should select. Check the standard size guide below to help you more:

Watch case’s diameter

General wrist size





39mm -42mm



XL/ Oversize



Check your wrist sizes from small to standard sizes to get a case diameter between 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, or 42mm. If you have an oversize wrist, please choose large case with 44mm or 46mm.

To know about the right side of your watch, it is good for you to shop online. You will do not need to worry about much if your watch is right in your hand or not. You just check about the styles and brands you love and take instant the right watch in your shopping cart. Of course, you can use and check coupons and promo codes online from coupon websites to save better on each online order.

Top places to pick up men’s watches

Whether you are looking for a luxury watch, vintage watch, modern watch, and more, let’s check the top places below to shop online and find the perfect watches to fit your styles.


Jomashop men watches

Jomashop is a great first stop for you to shop for watches.  You can find here both pre-owned and new watches. For men's styles, you can find here the top brand names for luxury, casual, dress, and sports watches. One of the best things about Jomashop is about the company’s excellent reputation and buying power. Check the case size and color that you love to select the best one at your budget thanks to Jomashop coupons, Jomashop free shipping code, and other deals. Join now.

Watch Gang

Watch Gang men watches

Watch Gang is a nice place for you to pick up watches every month. You only need to register to get a monthly watch subscription box to build your collection. You can get any kinds of watch you love from dress watches, sports watches and more. Change your styles every day but you do not need to worry about your styles. Of course, you also take more money off on each online order with perfect Watch Gang Military Discount and other promo codes.


WatchCo men watches

Shop WatchCo to discover authorized watch retailers for Citizen watches, Seiko watches, Fossil watches and more. You can find here all styles for men with various materials that you love to fill up the men’s watch collection with new items. You also find the right watches to fit any occasion of the year. Moreover, you can use our great WatchCo coupons, free shipping coupon, and other promo codes to take instant money off your order. Shop now to check!


Amazon men watches

Amazon is also known as the best places to buy watches online. You can check thousands of watches listed on their website and shipping is very fast. There are many styles for you to select from Amazon with the top brands like Omega, Seiko, Citizen, Rolex, Tudor and more. One of the best things about Amazon is about customer services. Moreover, you also take avail of great coupons and deals from the store to shop online like Amazon coupons 10% OFF, 15% off 50, $30 off and more. Check now to get the right watches for men!


eBay men watches

At eBay, you can discover a variety of watches online for hours at a time without feeling bored. However, you may need to jump in the last hours of the auction to take the watch that you love. And you may have some risks when shopping on eBay. You can check for new men’s watches from eBay to take perfect choices on your online orders. Never miss perfect eBay coupons and offers like Ebay 5% off, 20% off coupon, and other deals up to 90% off to save the best right now!

Watch Station

Watch Station men watches

Shop Watch Station to find perfect designer watches, smartwatches, and more. One of the most featured brands of watch you can get from here like Fossil, Puma, Skagen, Zodiac, and more. Browse through their top collection to shop online right now and take more money off on your online through Watch Station promo codes, discount codes, 25% off, and more.

Tips for you:

For each store, you can select watch styles, case size, color, watch features, straps, and other elements of watches in which you can check or select the best one to fit your hands. Remember to check about the size for selected brands as well as learn how to take care of watches when using them to make sure that you can keep them new for a long time.


You can find high-quality and fashionable men’s watches from many online stores but remember to check about the right sizes of watches to get a perfect fit for your wrist. Check now to shop for awesome watches!

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