Kiwico 0-24 Months: Panda Crate Reviews & Play Ideas For Baby

Kiwico 0-24 Months: Panda Crate Reviews & Play Ideas For Baby

Have you ever wondered about how to help your baby be happy at home? Panda Crate from Kiwico 0-24 Months will help your baby learn through playing and exploring.

Kiwico 0-24 months Panda Crate

Kiwico 0-24 Months

Learning through playing is the best way to help your kids develop both social and cognitive skills. Kiwico provides you with Panda Crate Subscriptions in which you can discover great activities for babies from 0-24months at home. Keep reading to discover great reviews on Kiwico Panda Crate – a real thought from a mom.

What is Kiwico Panda?

Kiwico provides you with a monthly subscription service made especially for kids. When you register you will receive an aka box that contains everything to help your kids explore with many play ideas on it. They divided into many groups of children to help your kids can play and learn at their ages.

Panda Crate: Ages 0-2

Koala Crate: Ages 2-4

Kiwi Crate: Ages 5-8

Atlas Crate: Ages 6-11

Doodle Crate: Ages 14+

Tinker Crate: Ages 9-16+

Eureka Crate: Ages 14-104

In order to get the box that you want, you only need to visit the website and register by entering your child’s birth date or due date, and then you will select your plan to get a delivered box each month. Of course, you can pause or cancel anytime. Your kids can discover many interesting things in the box. The box will promote early childhood development. Start ordering right now and save better on each online order with Kiwico promo codes and deals.

Panda Crate

Panda Crate is created by Kiwico for children ages 0-24 months. In the box, you can discover many toys and objects that appreciate for the development stage of your babies. Instead of delivering monthly, they include two months’ worth of products and are shipped every other month. You can explore different box that suits for your children months like 0-2 months, 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-18 months, and 19-14 months. Enter the store to discover amazing things for your lovely babies.

Panda Crate Reviews for you

How does Panda Crate cost?

The price of Panda Crate will depend on how many months you sign up for your baby. If you commit to getting Panda Crate box longer, you will pay less each month. You can select pay month-to-month and cancel any time. You can check the box below to check about the price of Panda Crate and see how much you can save for longer registration:

1 Crate every 2 months



Save $6.95/mo*

3 Crates every 6 months



Save $29.55*

6 Crates every 12 months



Save $77.70*

12 Crates every 24 months



Save $190.20*


The most popular is the selection of 3 3 Crates every 6 months and you only need to pay $18.5 a month and take savings with $29.55. But for your flexibility, you can pay month-to-month — $39.90 every two months (or $19.95 per month) so that you can stop anytime. Don’t think a lot about money? How much money would you spend on baby toys? At Kiwico, you don’t need to think about what should you buy and where to buy. Just register and get the right toys to help your kids develop both skills and brains better. Remember to check more Kiwico coupons from coupon websites to take more chances with money off when shopping online.

What I love when unboxing Panda Crate for a 13-month-baby

Panda Crate Reviews

I have known Kiwico through my best friends, and I start with a 13-month- baby project or it is right with the box for a 13 – 18 month baby. When I received the box, it is a green box with a panda image on it.

From the box, I get 6 toys for my kids. It includes a book, flashcards with numbers, shapes, and other games to help my kids to play and learn with numbers, colors, and shapes. It is so fantastic and my baby is very excited about this when he touches and opens everything.  After that, I think that he cannot concentrate on 1 thing so that I will give him 1 toy for a day so that he will have more time on exploring and playing.

I don’t need to worry about how to play with my baby because in each box they will send detailed instructions on playing. Follow the guides and spend more time on helping them discover. Here are the following that I realized from ordering Panda Crate for my boy.

Fun a lot and stimulating: his eyes are light up when he gets new toys so that he really wants to explore

Develop skills:  all toys are selected to meet your baby’s age so that I can see that my boys can get extra skills for both motor skills, problem-solving skills, observation skills, critical thinking skills, and enhance his vocabulary each day.

Tested for babies: I have tried and tested for my boys so that I think it is attractive and they are age-appropriate and engaging

Remove away iPad and TVs: I think this is the best way to help parents let their baby use iPads and TV less. They will have more things to do and explore so that your babies can learn as well as babies.

Why don’t you check and get one box right now? Surely, you will make your babies have more great experiences and understand more about the world they are living in.

Let’s check the video below to discover what comes in the 13 and 18 months Panda Crate box:

Play Ideas For Baby 0- 24 months

Panda Crate 0-24 months

Here are some examples of ideas to help you create more activities for your babies or you can check and get them from Kiwico products.

0-2 months

It is time for you to connect with a newborn baby with whom you need to help them feel safe and secure. Let’s them explore the world and develop skills that last a lifetime.

Some great activities that you can play with your babies as below:

Tummy time mirror: build their core strength through play

Black and White cards: support their visual development

Swaddle Blanket: help them feel safe and sleep well

Milestone Pillow and cards: to help you track your baby’s development and capture precious time and memories.

3-6 months

Your baby will want to connect with the world and one by one they discover the world. Enhance their senses with fun products through attractive products. They can watch, hear, sniff, grab, and even chew on. You can use some activities or toys listed below:

Crinkle Tag toy: help them can listen and feel with crinkle fabric and colorful ribbons

Soft blocks: Grab, toss and stack to develop moto skills

Knot ball: workout and dexterity and help their hands can work more

Teething ring: discover new textures through their teeth

Fabric books: attract baby with the colorful world in the books

7-12 months

Your baby will become a little explorer. They will be ready for exploring their world. You can find toys to help them understand the conception of over, under, and through. They will sit, crawl and grab to discover extra information. Some great activities for them that you can use as below examples:

Coinbox puzzle: enhance problem-solving skills, practice hand, and eye coordination.

Tissues box: help them pull and play

Bead Maze: Explore the concept of space and direction

Hardcover books with colorful and big images: understand about the outside world and you can select from different themes.

13-18 months

Your baby is a born mathematician. Of course, for the stage of 13 to 18 months, they will be excited about the activities like sorting objects by size or matching up shapes. From this, you can help them develop number sense and lay the foundation in the future. Some activities that you can use as listed below:

Stacking cups: Explore more math concepts from smaller cups to bigger cups.

Shape puzzles: play with shapes and work on shapes to help them recognize differences between them and practice problem-solving.

Cylinder Blocks: Explore different sizes and touch to the objects and play.

Counting cards: Build number sense through tactile play

19 -24 months

For this stage, let’s you baby play with puzzles to help them become people who can solve problems and be more confident. Build their shape recognition, memory, and math skills as well as learn to control motor. Parents can connect with babies through the following games:

Peg puzzle: shape puzzle to help them explore complex sequences of problem-solving

Squishy shapes: recognize shapes through furry shapes that stimulate early learning from your baby.

Lacing beads: handed play with a string to help them develop bilateral coordination

Of course, you can find and buy toys for kids from many sites like Amazon, eBay but all games and toys you can find at Panda Crate boxes. Join Kiwico right now to discover many interesting for your babies.

To Sum Up

Have you tried Panda Crate? You should order right now to help your baby play and learn. I hope that above reviews will help you more about Panda Crate and have more fun activities for your kids every day!  

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