LensCrafters Eye Exam Price: How Much Does It Cost & FAQs

LensCrafters Eye Exam Price: How Much Does It Cost & FAQs

LensCrafters Eye Exam Price: How Much Does It Cost & FAQs

Do you want to get an eye exam? Do you know how much LensCrafters eye exam price is? Keep your reading to get further information on eye exam and how to get the best prescription eyewear.

How much is it for an eye exam at LensCrafters? 

LensCrafters eye exam price

At LensCrafters, there are independent optometrists make eye exam for you online or in an adjacent store.

The basic LensCrafters eye exam price is $60.

Of course, you also have to pay extras for a retinal scan or dilation of about $35.

Plus, in case you wish to include contact lens fitting, you will be charged $100 for your eye exam.

*To note:

The LensCrafters eye exam price can be varied based on local retailers. For the exact price, you should contact your local store to determine.

How much is a LensCrafters eye exam without insurance? 

Without vision insurance, you need to pay at least $60 for an eye exam at LensCrafters. Besides, you have to pay for $100 if you wish to include a lens fitting in your package.

Is LensCrafters good for an eye exam?

LensCrafters eye exam price

Yes. LensCrafters is an ideal place for you to see an optometrist located within or next to the store.

These are 5 reasons you should have an eye exam at this store.

Emergency eye care 

The eye exam is an online service so that it is available 24/7 for you to take an exam whenever you need it. You don't need to wait for a long queue or go down the street to get prescription eyewear.

Get tested by highly trained optometrists 

The eye doctor next to you local retailer is highly trained to ensure the exact result after your exam. LensCrafters ensures all the optometrists have gone to optometry colleges. They took the same classes, past the same national boards as the private practice doctors.

Pure eye-care services 

You will not be advertised with no-need glasses or lenses. The eye doctors who are associated with the store are independent of LensCrafters and are under no stress of selling eyeglasses or contact lenses. So that they only advise the most suitable selection for you to improve your vision.

Latest technology

Optometrists worked with the store will have a chance to save huge costs to maintain a brick-and-mortar clinic so that they can have more money to invest in the technologies. The more advanced equipment is, the more condition early can be found to help prevent loss of vision.

Besides, the LensCrafters eye exam price is lower than the clinic's price. You know which one is the smarter choice for you.

Well-trained in the detection and management of eye diseases 

Optometrists located within the store manages and treats many diseases including glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, dry eyes, plus offering routine eye exams as well as contact lens fittings (You have to pay for extras when you wish to include eye contact lens fittings in your eye exam package).

Does LensCrafters offer eyeglasses in 1 hour? 

Yes. The store does provide your eyewear for customers in a mere hour.

But please keep in mind that this service is not available for all eye exam packages. The time you receive your prescription glasses will be based on your specific prescription, your selected lenses, frames, or the facilities of your local store.

Plus, it takes 7 to 14 working days in case you ask for new special additions to your glasses.

In short, you can get your eyewear within an hour, but it depends on your choices. Besides, the LensCrafters eye exam price can be higher if you have more requirements for your glasses or lenses.

How much do glasses cost at LensCrafters? 

Besides LensCrafters eye exam price, you must have to pay for glasses cost. As you can see, LensCrafters offers a vast array of glasses for customers when making purchases. And theses basic prices of different types of glasses for you to make a comparison and get the most economical choice.

Featherwates complete

These are available at least $325. They are not as scratch resistant as the Featherwates plus choices but they are better than the base Featherwates. The noticeable advantage of this choice is a special anti-reflective coating that can make them dirt-resistant, reduce reflections, easy to clean, reduce reflected light while driving at night, plus reduce eye strain when you working on computers.

Featherwates plus

These designs are available at a minimum price of $200. These are comparable to the Featherwates. They feature scratch-resistant coating to provide "extra scratch-resistant".


They are available at $190 of the minimum price. They are made from polycarbonate that is thinner and lighter than plastic lenses. They are popular with the most impact-resistant lens material, scratch-resistant coating, plus UV protection.


They are a cheap selection with a price of about $125. These are basic choices of glasses that you can get from anywhere.

*To note: You can get your eyewear without paying for the original price of the selection when taking advantage of LensCrafters $50 off coupon, 50 percent off, plus free shipping and other wonderful coupons and discounts. 

To summarize 

Now you know all the basic information on LensCrafters eye exam price and how to get the greatest prescription eyewear to pick up. Don’t forget to read tips and tricks to save extras on your purchases.

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