Magoosh ACT Prep Reviews - How To Get Higher Scores

Magoosh ACT Prep Reviews - How To Get Higher Scores

Magoosh ACT Prep Reviews - How To Get Higher Scores

Magoosh offers the top choices for test preparations, especially for the ACT. In case you still don’t know what prep right for you to get a better score on the next test, keep your reading for further information on Magoosh ACT Prep reviews and guides to get a higher score on the next examination.

How to improve your ACT score? 

Magoosh ACT prep reviews

In case you wish to improve your ACT score, these are 4 basic steps you need to complete.

1st: Set your weekly schedule

2nd: Set up SMS reminders

3rd: Prep in bite-sized pieces

4th: Build daily study habits

Of course, they look simple but it takes so many times and effort to complete all the tasks and earn more scores as the result.

Make sure you will string on your plan, follow all the guides, complete your prep to get your ideal score at the end.

What does Magoosh ACT prep include? 

Magoosh ACT prep reviews

Do you wish to get a high score on your next ACT test? Do you need more materials for your test preparation? Magoosh ACT prep is an ideal package for you to pick up and get ready to ace your test.

When getting the course, you can unlock premium content, including

  • More than 1300 practice questions
  • up to 4 practice tests - full-length with detailed explanations
  • Video explanations for each question
  • More than 250 video lessons
  • Curated study schedules

Besides, as Magoosh ACT prep reviews, you can also access powerful features to support you the most through your test preparation.

  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Data-driven score prediction
  • Smart progress tracking
  • An online help from expert ACT tutors
  • Get at least 4 points more after completing your course.

How much is Magoosh ACT prep?

When shopping for ACT prep at Magoosh, you can choose to buy from 1 month to 12 months packages with different prices and benefits you will receive.

1-month package

Price: $79

For last-minute prep

3 months package

Price: $89

Save $148 by buying 3 months

12 months package

Price: $89

Greatest choice for higher scores. Save $849

All you need to do is sign up with your email address and complete an online form with the required information to get your ideal packages.

*To note:

Only select the package that is suitable for your plan of test preparation.

You can get started for free when creating a practice account. You can access more than 100 video lessons and questions with a free account. Choose to upgrade your account to premium at any time to unlock more lessons, videos, and features.

Don’t forget to take avail of active Magoosh coupons and promo codes to get your ideal prep without paying a fortune.

Should I upgrade to the Magoosh ACT premium?

As I've said above, you can only access a limited amount of videos and lessons when you have a free account.

In case you find out it is not enough for you to learn and get a better score on your next text, upgrade your account to premium is an ideal choice.

Please think carefully before upgrading your account, because it not only costs more money but also takes more time and effort for you to use all the materials.

As Magoosh ACT prep reviews, you should sign up for a free account and try it before upgrading. It can help you find out what course is more suitable for your case.

Can I buy SAT and ACT prep together? 

Of course. You can buy as many courses as you wish.

But please keep in mind that you have enough time to follow your prep guide and plan.

The more courses you follow, the more lessons and test preparation materials you get.

It is difficult for someone to work on two different test preparation plans. As Magoosh ACT prep reviews, you should have a good ability on time management to complete your course and get your ideal score.

In case you don’t have other choices than follow both SAT and ACT prep, you can email Magoosh at to get help and the best schedule.

Can I get help when struggling with a question? 

Yes. As the real Magoosh ACT prep reviews, you can send them a message while you are studying and feel it hard to understand your question. And you will get support from an ACT tutor quickly.

Of course, every question comes with a detailed explanation. You should check the explanation carefully to solve your trouble by yourself if you can. It is the best way for you to raise your score on the next test.

To conclude 

Get ready for your next test and feel stress-free when preparing for the most competitive examination thanks to Magoosh. Hope you have found useful information on Magoosh ACT prep reviews and concerning problems.

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