Petco Large Dog Crate: FAQs & Detailed Guides To Purchase

Petco Large Dog Crate: FAQs & Detailed Guides To Purchase

Petco Large Dog Crate: FAQs & Detailed Guides To Purchase

Do you love a giant dog that can fulfill your hug? Do you know which the right size of the Petco large dog crate is? Please check out our article for further information when making your purchase.

What size crate does a 20-pound dog need? 

It is important for you to find the right size of crate for your dog.

If you choose the bigger size, it can be ok. But in case it is too big, you will waste your space, and if it is too small, it is not good for your pet.

These are the crate size with an approximate weight of dogs for you to easily find out the right size crate for your fur-friend.

Petco large dog crate sizes

Form the chart of Petco large dog crate, you can see, a 20-pound dog is suitable for 18”x18” or 18”x24” crate.

What is the biggest size dog crate? 

As you can see from the crate size chart, the biggest size of crate you can select is 30"x36" for the dog of 50-60 lbs.

Besides, you can choose the bigger size of Petco large dog crate from the "gate, doors & pens" category of the website and customize your ideal size for your dog.

Is it OK to put a puppy in a large crate? 

Petco large dog crate

Yes. It is OK if your room or your car has enough space to put your crate.

In case you have a little puppy, you should think carefully about a large crate because it can make your fur-friend feel lonely. If you hear it cry or whining, maybe you have selected too big crate for it.

Besides, you should check if your dog can escape the cage before leaving it in the crate.  

What kind of Petco large dog crate to pick? 

Petco offers a vast array of dog cages for you to select the best one for your dog. Most of them are separated into 4 basic types are below.

Petco large dog crate

Wire crates

Firstly, you can choose the wire crates for your dog. It is cheap and light, and easy to customize as your wishes.

But check carefully to make sure the cage is strong enough to keep your big dog in. For the giant dog, sometimes it can break the wire crates and escape if the wires are so weak.

Don’t forget to check the size and features of your cage before adding to your purchases to ensure you select the right one for your fur-friend and the space in your home

Plastic crates

Plastic cages are ideal Petco large dog crate, especially when you want to go out with your dog. No matter if you wish to bring your pet to the vet or you want to bring it to the park to have a walk, a plastic crate is designed to keep your dog safe on the route.

Please learn the right way to let your dog go into the cage. Of course, most dogs will feel uncomfortable and cry a lot when they have to go to a small cage. Play some tricks and make sure you have enough treats to give your fur-friend when they are in the cage.

Crate bed & pads

Don’t forget to browse the list of crate beds and pads to find out some ideal picks to add to your cage to let your dog feel more comfortable.

Always check the size of beds and pads and make sure they fit your Petco large dog crate before adding to your shopping bag. Moreover, you should select the right type of items for the season to let your dog feel the most comfortable in its cage.

Gates, doors & pens

In case you wish to build a Petco large dog crate by yourself, you should check out the list of available products at the “gates, doors & pens” category.

Make a plan, measure your space, and get all the pieces you need to complete your project. Don’t forget to feature some dog supplies to your cage to let your dog love its crate the most.

*To note:

Please don’t leave your dog in the cage too long, a dog deserves a free place to play and learn new lessons. The longer you put your dog in a cage, the more depressed it is. Remember to spend time with your little friend as much as you can.

It takes time and effort to leave your dog in the crate without crying and whining. Be patient and give your dog time to get used to the cage. Check out some simple tips and tricks to let your little friend feel less difficult when going into the crate.

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To summarize 

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Written by: Anna Lin

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