Planet Fitness Fees: All you need to know & FAQs

Planet Fitness Fees: All you need to know & FAQs

There are many reasons for you to take part in a fitness club but the cost of doing fitness is usually expensive. Start right now to get to know more about Planet Fitness fees and all about information about membership and some related questions to it.

Planet Fitness Fees

Planet Fitness Fees

According to CNN, people usually pay gym membership costs $50 of a month and nearly $300 a month for luxury gyms. When visiting Planet Fitness with over 2000 locations worldwide you can start Planet Fitness Fees at just $10 a month.

Of course, with $10 a month, you can become a Classic membership. The price is higher at other gym locations with $15 for a month. You need to make options with no-commitment or with a 12-month commitment. In order to become a Black Card membership, you need to pay Planet Fitness Fees is about $21.99 a month with a 12-month commitment or not. When you become a member of Planet Fees you can take many advantages including discounts up to 50% OFF on your online order.

*Note: The Planet Fitness Fees of signup will be different among Planet Fitness clubs so that you may pay extra lover or higher the first price. The annual membership fee is about $39 a year but you only pay about $188 a month. Join Planet Fitness club now and take avail of Planet Fitness Coupons $99 and other Planet Fitness coupons to shop at a lower price.

The advantage of Planet Fitness Membership

Let’s become a Planet Fitness gym membership now to pay without Planet Fitness Fees until your gym reopens. They offer two options for you with Classic Membership and PF Black Card Membership. You should search for your nearest locations and check about the Planet Fitness fees as well as other conditions of the club.

It is time for you to access a judgment-free zone along with tons of cardio and strength equipment. For both, you can get unlimited access to Home Club, free fitness training, and Free Wi-Fi. But for Black Card Membership, you can get more benefits as listed below:

  • Use of any planet fitness worldwide
  • Bring guest anytime
  • Use of tanning
  • Use of HydroMassage
  • Use of massage chairs
  • Use of total body enhancement
  • Enjoy 50% OFF Drinks
  • Enjoy worldwide travel deals
  • Enjoy 20% off at

Planet Fitness Fees FAQs

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Now you can get further information about Planet Fitness Fees through the list of questions below. Check all of them now to find the best service for Fitness.

How can I cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

Of course, you can make a cancelation to your Planet Fitness membership by filling out a form from your home club or send an email or over the phone.

Please keep in mind that you will not receive refunds for the months of your fitness packages that you haven't use. Make sure you purchase the right package to start your workout plan. It is good to stay healthy and keep your body in shape, but it is best when you can follow your plan economically. 

Is there a cancellation membership fee?

It depends on which membership you choose and it is commitment membership or not. You can contact with your fitness department to get further information on the Planet Fitness Fees of cancelation from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST.

How can I transfer my membership to a different Plant Fitness Club?

You can transfer with a few clicks away. But you need to follow the rules before transferring:

You are a member of one location for at least 90 days

You must have a monthly membership

You cannot own any fees at your current club

In case you have made sure that you are eligible to transfer your membership, sign in your account, and follow simple guidelines to complete your transfer. In case you need any helps, contact the eager-beaver team of customer support to get your troubles solves fuss-free. 

Do you offer classes or personal training?

Yes. They offer PR@PF which is a series of fitness training sessions led by certified fitness instructors. You can practice in small groups, and they are free to members. First-come and First-served basis – join now to enjoy health services and customized workout plans at the best price. 

When is your annual fee due?

Planet Fitness annual fees are billed to a member one time a year. The fee billing date will depend on the date that you join in and membership type.  Staff will help determine when your Planet Fitness fee date is.

Is Planet Fitness right for you?

Of course, Plant Fitness is not right for everyone but it may be perfect for you if you are a workout novice and want to find a budget fitness club. Planet Fitness is considered as one of the best gyms for your wallet.

It is a cheap and no-frills gym so that if you feel Plant Fitness Fees are economical for you, you can start right now. However, they cannot give you more services like childcare, yoga, or swimming pool services so that you can find another club if you are into lifting. 

Never let your budget stop you from your ideal membership packages when you can take avail of current Planet Fitness coupons and discounts picked up from our site to score some coins at the checkout. 


Join a fitness club with the cheapest Planet Fitness Fees and take avail of membership to enjoy more and save more. Keep fit at your budget right now and find more chances of taking big savings via our Planet Fitness coupons and discount codes from here!

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