Which Are Must-Have Cosmetic Items For Beginners?

Which Are Must-Have Cosmetic Items For Beginners?

Are you a beginner at makeup? Do you feel lost in tons of choices for makeup items and don’t know which one is the right to collect? These are the top picks of makeup items for beginners to complete your makeup kit.

Moisturizer and primer

Moisturizer and primer

Please keep in mind that flawless makeup begins with careful skin care, and moisturizers and primers are important to help you complete great makeup.

An ideal pick-up moisturizer is a CeraVe Moisturizer, an ideal moisturizer for a daily skincare routine for normal to dry skin. Then, use Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer to hydrate and brighten your skin to ensure a dewy finish. With just two simple steps, you don't need to worry that your makeup becomes cakey after a whole day.

You only need to choose basic products as listed for moisturizer and primer.  Plus, you can also take avail of current discount codes and Cerave coupon Target for beauty supplies on our site to save from 10% OFF on your final price.

Concealer and Foundation

It has never been easier for beginners to get rid of caked-on foundation just by adding an opaque concealer to their makeup bag. Plus, concealer can also help you eliminate imperfections on your face such as eye circles, milia, moles, and skin tags.

No matter if you wear makeup every day or just on events across the year, you still need a powder or a liquid foundation to even out your skin tone.

With a combination of concealer and foundation, you can create an unblemished base layer and get ready for the very next step.

Some of the top picks for concealer go to Nyx concealer with creaseless formulas and it can be the best when being paired with the Total Control Pro Drop foundation of Nyx. Get the right shade for your skin and don't skip the chance to get extras cut off from your subtotal when shopping with Nyx makeup coupons or Nyx cosmetics promo code up to 50% OFF sale items.

Eyebrow pomade and spoolie brush

Choose the right eyebrow pomade and spoolie brush to get on-fleek eyebrows. For beginners, the dual-sided Anastasia Beverly Hills brush is an ideal tool to sculpt perfect arches. Plus, take Dipbrow Pomade to easily draw perfect brows. With smart formula, spoolie brush will stay still after a long day because it is smudge-proof and waterproof. 

You can get perfect items for your eyebrows when shopping at Macy's or Sephora, make sure you remember to take advantage of Macy's coupons or Sephora coupon codes to complete your transaction without breaking your bank balance.

Eyeliner and mascara

Eyeliner and mascara

Find an all-star mascara to lengthen, curl, and add volume to your lashes. Plus, select a contrasting or matching eyeliner shade to pop your eyes. For beginners, Black NIP Clump free & quick drying ELF mascara and ELF liquid eyeliner are the perfect couple for eye makeup.

Don’t need to worry about the luxurious bills when you can steal extras from your subtotal thanks to ELF coupons and promo codes picked from our site.

Must-have lipsticks

Lipsticks are must-have items for all girls to unlock beauty. As there is a wide range of colors and lipstick brands for you to pick, it can’t be hard for beginners to get the right one to add to your makeup bag. Please keep in mind that nude and red are two versatile colors for all makeup looks so that for beginners, always get the best nude and red lipsticks to add to your kit.

When it comes to lipsticks, there are numerous brands that come at a wide range of prices. For beginners, you can take a look at the list of MAC or NARS to get a gorgeous lipstick color without paying a bundled amount of money for high-end brands.

Plus, you can make your purchases with MAC coupons or NARS promo codes from 10% OFF and free shipping to save more when completing your makeup kits.

Brushes and sponge

Brushes and sponges are important tools to help you apply your makeup properly. Beautyblender is a great choice to blend foundations, concealer, and blush. And for dusting on powders and precise eye makeup, please reach for the Tarte brush set.

The softer the brushes and sponge are, the more comfortable you feel when applying makeup to your face. It does worth your pennies to get good makeup tools. As you can find the greatest brushes and tools on Target, you can also make your purchases with Target coupons and promo codes to get your subtotal fixed for a better price when it comes to payment.

Blush and highlighter

Make your face 3D with blush and highlighter. All magic happens thanks to great blush and highlighter.

Choose a cream or powder blush and highlighter or bronzer (or both) to add a natural glow to your face. In case you are into minimal makeup, an illuminating powder is enough to complete your preferred looks.

Recommended pick of highlighter goes to Glossier Haloscope stick which has a wet quality to give you super-hydrating feels and help your looks glowed.

Please keep in mind that you can get valid Glossier coupons from our site to save extra bucks on your blush and highlighter.

Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette

For beginners, you should pick up a neutral eyeshadow palette to create more gorgeous looks with ease. Nature Republic Pro Touch Color Master shadow palette or NYX Ultimate Warm Neutrals shadow palette are best picks for beginners to get used with create perfect looks from different colors and shades.

Of course, they are not cheap but you can get discount codes and coupons up to 50% OFF and free shipping on our site to use at the checkout and get extra bucks put back to your budget.

Makeup wipes and cleansers

No matter what makeup looks you love and what makeup items you choose to apply to your face, make sure you can wipe them out entirely to keep your skin healthy.

As you have applied makeup to your face, oily cleansers are the perfect formula to help up clean your face fuss-free. Micellar cleansing water of Garnier is a good choice for this case.

In case you are preparing for a short trip, some makeup wipes for on-the-go application are ideal picks for you. Pick up packages of biodegradable Cosmetic wipes to remove all makeup effectively.

*To note: Makeup wipes are great choices for beginners to fix your makeup when you get something wrong. Don’t wipe out all your makeup, just use a cleanser to remove your false and do it again properly.

Makeup items for beginners shopping tips

Choose items for your skin tone and skip type: it is important to collect the right makeup items for your skin types and tone to make sure they can make you glow while keeping your skin healthy.

Shop outlet or sale items: In case you wish to update your makeup kit without paying for the full price of products, check out the outlet collection or sale items to get discount products.

Shop with coupons for a huge saving: most brands and stores will offer special sales and offers for you to shop makeup items or beauty supplies at a bargain price, Always remember to get the most valuable coupon code to add to your orders to maximize your savings.

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