Kiwico 2- 4 Years: Koala Crate Reviews & Top Ideas Activities

Kiwico 2- 4 Years: Koala Crate Reviews & Top Ideas Activities

Have you ever wondered about how to create great activities for your kids? Kiwico also gives you great solutions for kids from 2 to 4 years. Discover Koala Crate Reviews below and check the top ideas activities for kids to help them have more fun every day.

Kiwico 2- 4 years: Koala Crate Reviews

Kiwico 2- 4 years

Here are some reviews for Koala Crate Reviews at Kiwico which is one of the most attractive activities for kids from 2-4 years that I have known about this.

What is Koala Crate Boxes?

Koala Crate is a special box delivered monthly for children from 2 to 4 years. Inside the box, you can discover many interesting toys for kids in which your kids can learn and play with innovative and thought-provoking ideas. They also give you an activity guide and DIY craft ideas for parents and they can help them play more.

One of the most important things is that Kiwico Koala Crate was designed by experts so that your kids can receive all age-appropriate and intellectually stimulating toys. Children can learn and discover many new things and lessons through these activities. Register right now Koala Crate box if you have kids from 2 to 4 years at a lower price thanks to Kiwico coupons and other deals.

How much does Koala Crate Box cost?

For each box, you have to pay the different costs but they will start around $16 per month for a 24-month subscription. Of course, your subscriptions renew automatically with prices in USD. You also cancel anytime. You can select packages monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. 3 Months subscription is the most popular from Kiwico.  For other kits like one-off kits and boxes with Chemistry kits, the price is a little different.

I have tried with a 1-3 month subscription and see how you like it and decide on your next subscription box. You will have a chance to get 30% off on your first month's register. Shop now to see differences!

How does it work?

Firstly, you can need to pick a line with the project for every age and interest.

Secondly, they will choose your plan, and the first crate ships in 2 days

Finally, your kids can discover all the perfect things with science and art projects.

*Note: Please make sure that you can take great discounts on your online orders thanks to nice Kiwico coupon codes, promo codes, and other deals. Shop now to discover more!

Koala Crate Reviews

Koala Crate_Reviews

I will share one of the projects from Koala Crate that I get for my children's “Ocean Games” projects. From the box you can make a splash with science and math. Your kids have to use a fishing pole to catch all sorts of felt sea creatures from turtles to tactic fishes.

When opening the box, I see that it is really fantastic when your kids can discover many things. With Ocean games, your toddlers will build their own world with a mini ocean, and then they can start fishing.

Firstly, they will need to set up your game to “fill” the Ocean with Fish. Each crate will contain a small, round mat like the ocean in which you can see many fish and other sea animals. Let’s help your kids put all animals on the mat as they like. You can change your requirements by arranging by type or colors.

Next, you can start fishing by providing a rod. Your kids only need to use a “hook” to catch the felt. It is fun and kids can bot learn and enhance their skills in a hands-on activity. Surely they will be happy when they have fished some things. The time for catching will depend on a round of fishing varies.

What I love about Koala Crate Fishing games

It is time for you to bring the outdoors inside and through the activities, you can harness your kid's energy in a positive and fun way. Through the Koala Crate, you can help your kids develop the following ways:

Enhance Skills: Building skills on connecting through hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Attract Kids: Kids really love accomplishing things so that when fish “hooked” which like a prize for kids and they will try on their next time and focus on each catch.

Enhance difficulty: Of course, the level of fishing can be enhanced when parents mix with other skills such as color, animal identification, counting, and more.

Designed by experts: Each set of games will be created for a group of ages and help them discover more about the world around them.

Tested by Kids: Every Koala Create is tested by real kids to make sure that it is suitable for kids and helps you get more fun.  My boy really wanted to dive right into the project when he saw it.

Useful toys: Parents can select many projects for their kids to kill their time such as summer holidays or weekend days. Through the toys parents also have more time to play with their kids and them develop all skills.

I have bought it I think that it is great for our kids. You can read all reviews to register one box to our kids because Kiwico has full subscriptions for kids from 0 to 16+ years. Joi now and remember to find great Kiwico promo codes and deals from coupon sites online to catch up with perfect discounts up to 30% off.

Top Ideas Activities for Kids 2 -4 years from Kiwico

Koala Crate Ideas Activities

Now you can discover some great projects for kids from 2-4 years with Koala Crate Box in which you can understand more about their activities and select the best one right now.

Doctor’s Visits

Explore great ideas through pretend play. Your kids will become a doctor with this box. Kids will assemble and decorate a medical kit with many things like a stethoscope, thermometer, and plenty of felt bandages. Let your kids use medical tools and handy doctor checklists to help them understand more about this job. Parents can be a patient and your kids will become a doctor. Surely, not only they can learn but also have a great time with their parents.


Let’s help kids add more colors to their days with rainbows. Through the project, your kids will discover how rainbows are formed and create a stained glass landscape. By using colorful squares and cut-out shapes of mountains and trees, kids will be seen many great things. It is really fun when stuffing and fluffing a cloud pillow with colorful felt stickers and many shapes like a rainbow. Why don’t you get one right now to bring a rainbow to your kids and see magical things?


Now your kids can start a new adventure with a pretend-play adventure. Get creative with camping games. You can build a fire through a tea-light and some paper flames. They can learn how to roast a s'more snack and a hearty hotdog. Finally, they will decorate a very useful backpack to tuck away camp tools when they go camping. It sounds interesting and helps them experience many new skills and lessons from real-life right at your home.

Now you only need to order from Kiwico to bring all games to your kids and help you have more to learning as well as playing. Shop now to make more money off with nice coupons and promo codes from Kiwico!


If you are going to create some activities for your kids from 2 to 4 years old, Koala Crate is a perfect choice for you to help them access many projects. Let’s them enter discover more about the world they are living with excited and happy emotions.

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