Kiwi Crate Reviews: Awesome Activities For Kids 5 to 8 Years Old

Kiwi Crate Reviews: Awesome Activities For Kids 5 to 8 Years Old

Kids at the ages of 5 to 8 years old love activities related to science and art activities. KiwiCo store will help your kids get an awesome experience through a subscription box. Discover Kiwi Crate Reviews below to know it is right for your kids or not.

Kiwi Crate Reviews

Kiwi Crate Reviews

What is Kiwi Crate?

Kiwi Crate was designed for children aged from 5 to 8 years old with various activities from science, arts and craft along with imaginative play and more. All activities are created to spark a love for learning right at your home. You only need to register to receive a subscription box monthly. Kids will have more fun with different projects in which they can discover many things such as the science of color, lemonade stand, and treasure hunt.

How much does Kiwi Crate cost?

Starting at $19.95 a month when you place an order monthly but you can get the best value for just $16.95 a month when registering for 12 months from KiwiCo.


$19.95/ month (save $5)

3 Months

$19.95/ month (save $15)

6 Months

$18.50/month ( Save $38.70)

12 Months

$16.95/ month (Save $96)


It is interesting that you can take a discount of 50% OFF for your first box with a KiwiCo promo code. Limited time only so that you can check discount codes from other coupon sites to update the latest code on your online order! Register and place an online order from the website and use the coupon code at the checkout step to get instant cashback on your order.

What you can get in each box?

Each month, you can get different boxes from KiwiCo which provide you with amazing things and activities about:

Awesome projects about creative, innovative, STEAM projects

Inspiration Booklet with step-by-step instructions

Explore Magazine with science content, comics, and activities

Online DIYs to give you hands-on ideas and funny activities for you to do at home

Through each box you can take some pros and cons, please look at the table below to understand more clearly about Kiwi Crate (5-8 years old)



  • Different projects with various styles of crafts and art
  • Explore many concepts about Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math
  • Great extras in the Kiwi Explore
  • Like a complete lesson because it consist of a part of homeschool curriculum
  • well-organized, high quality materials, clearly instructions to help your kids follow easier
  • Older kids can do it themselves without assistance from the adult
  • The boxes are designed with pretty jam-packed so that it takes quite a bit of time
  • Adult may need to support kids for learning at the age range

An Amazing of Surface Tension Science Box

I have ordered a box for my kids with Surface Tension Science projects. The project will include detailed, colored illustrations and clear instructions to help your kids develop their images. It is simple but effective to help your kids to learn about surface tension. My boys only need to use different dots of watercolor on her wax paper to move them around a giant blob. He sees that the water drops and rolled on the paper with the mixing of the colors. After that, he follows the direction to complete the pieces and a surface of the water maze. Next, he discovers the sticky yarn project through some yarn and green foam discs. Finally, you can discover a water strider some thin wires, and various wooden pieces along with our bowl of water.

Of course, my boy really takes part in many activities at one box. He gets some fun and study about surfaces, colors, and other activities. He can enhance their focuses. He may clean after that but he smiles a lot and likes all activities. You can register right now from KiwiCo and save better on each online order with perfect KiwiCo promo codes, discount codes, and deals for KiwiCo.

Awesome Activities For Kids 5 to 8 Years Old From KiwiCo

Kiwi Crate Box

You have discovered one box for kids at the ages of 5- 8, however, when you register you can discover more fun activities from KiwiCo to help your kids have more meaningful at home. Please check the activities below to understand more and enjoy more.

Arcade Claw

Arcade Claw

It is time for your kids to create a claw game with pomp pom prizes. Kids can create a couple of cute pom pom prizes. Learn about arcades and build their own version. They can play with other kids and make them together to have more fun time. Remember to use additional magazines and other materials to find more solutions to your games.

Fun with Flight

Fun with Flight

Now your kids can build a rocket launcher and set up flying rockets. What can they learn through these activities? They understand more about flight, thrust, and air resistance through rocket building. Let’s learn how to tinker with your launcher to make your rockets fly through the sky with a kite around to watch it fly. Read more information with bonus play & learn magazine. Order right now from KiwiCo to help them go inside the box!

Science of Trees

Science of Trees

It is time for biology and plant science. Your kids will learn to create vibrant flowers through liquid color. Through this you can see capillary action work firsthand. Read the instruction to use capillary action to get their nutrients and build a tree balancing game. Your kids will see the change of color and build their own trees. Check the box right now from the KiwiCo store and save up to 50% OFF for your first box registration.

Kiwi Crate FAQs

Can I use one box for multiple children?

Of course, on each box, you can get at least two projects so that you can use it for at least two kids. Or you can encourage your kids to work together and share with each other. You can check the list of activities before using to make sure that you can use all activities for your kids.

Are the projects engaging?

These boxes will bring educational projects so that they encourage kids to learn and discover. Besides, they also provide you with the magazine that helps to reinforce the concepts through real-life applications.

How long does each box take?

Normally, kids need to at least about 45 minutes and after that, they can spend more time tinkering with their project and operating it after they are finished. The time may longer which depends on the hobbies of your kids and their interest.

Is everything I need in the box?

Of course, they will provide you with all the necessary things to complete a project. But with the exception of a few things from home, like water or scissors that you can get from your home.

How hands-on are these projects?

You kids need to get a bit of assembly before they are ready to use from some projects. Besides, you will learn to do some things through their hands with all things from the box. It is so great to help your kids kill their time in a perfect way.

To Sum Up

Tons of amazing creativity and serious fun is waiting for your kids from KiwiCo and you can help them discover more about life and sciences. Let’s shop online right now from KiwiCo to register the right box for your kids.

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