Atlas Crate Reviews: Kiwico Activities For Kids Ages 6 – 11

Atlas Crate Reviews: Kiwico Activities For Kids Ages 6 – 11

If your kids are at the ages of 6 to 11, it is necessary to help take on the world. Discover Atlas Crate Reviews to find more useful activities for them.

Atlas Crate Reviews

Atlas Crate Reviews

What is Atlas Crate?

Atlas Crate is a subscription box program from KiwiCo which brings your kids immersive and hands-on experience. They can discover unfamiliar lands and people. Each month, they will receive one project to enhance knowledge about other cultures as well as grow their understanding and empathy for the world beyond their own immediate awareness.

Enter the world like a real trip with Atlas Crate through Stem activities and other special gifts from a box from Kiwico. Of course, you can take avail of many promotions and Kiwico coupons from other coupon websites to take more money off.

What can you get every month?

Through immersive, hands-on STEAM activities, kids can develop an appreciation for world culture. For the first box, they can explore the world at a high level to explore new world map and DIY globe. In the next box, they can discover a new country to offer discoveries in culture, geography, history, and traditions. Besides, kids can explore more with DIY activities in the Atlas Cards. For each box, your kids can discover the amazing things listed below:

STEAM projects

In order to build a sense of adventure, you can discover 2 globally inspired

Inspiration books

Step by step instructions to get all in details

Atlas cards

Discover geography, customs, history, and foods through DIY activities

Atlas Adventure Book

Build and collect a globally inspired keepsake of amazing activities to help your kids understand more about the world.

How does it work?

You only need to register the ages of your kids every age and interest. After that, you will pick the most suitable project for them.

Select your plan and the first crate ships in 2 days. Of course, you can cancel anytime

The box will be shipped right to your doorstep with science and art projects to inspire kids to become creative problem solvers


At present, you can take 30% OFF on your first order when signing up an email for KiwiCo. Or take $10 off when referring more friends to the store. When they make a purchase successfully, you can take $10 off and your friend also takes $10 off their first purchase. Remember to take avail of Kiwico 30% OFF coupon, promo codes, and other deals to get more savings!

Atlas Crate – Deluxe Box – Introducing the world

Atlas Crate Deluxe Box

It is time for you to discover more about what you can get inside a box. Starting with The World Crate as the first box for kids ages 6-11. Kids will be introduced about Milo the prepared planner) and carefree Anya (let’s go!) to see the world. Besides, they can learn about maps, continents and the world. Check the list below to see how attractive they are.

Spinning globe

Kids will learn how to make their own globe. Through these activities, they will start understanding about concepts of Latitude and Longitude, and talking about 2D vs 3D representations of the world.

Kids can start with the activities to explain about Day and Night. You only need a lamp or torch and look at the globe to know when it is day or night.

Read a Map

Kids also receive a World Map for the wall. Kids can learn more about Longitude and Latitude as well as access to the concepts of continents to countries. It also introduces your kids to read a compass rose from North, South, East or West.

Make passport

Making their own passport is the next activity to help kids take charge of their ‘Atlas Adventure Book’. By the way of adding and sticking their name and arranging the continent cards from Australia & Oceania, Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Antarctica. That is the reason why in the next box, they also add more country cards and passport stickers to their Adventure Book. It is a very interesting activity to help them step by step discover about the world.

Deluxe Box Book

You will receive a book with the name “The Atlas Obscura: Explorer’s Guide for The World’s Most Adventurous Kid” by Dylan Thuras and Rosemary Mosco. With 47 countries and 100 extraordinary places to visit, kids will have a real trip around the world. For each countries visited, kids can see their location on the globe along with useful information about people, festivals, foods, locations and more.

Please watch the video below to see how amazing things you get with the first Atlas Crate Box:

Why should you choose Atlas Crate?

There are many reasons for you to select Atlas Crate but it focuses on the following things:

Convenient: everything you need to help your kids creates, explore and learn

Creative: Through fun activities, it builds a sense of adventure and exploration from their kids

Cultural: Inspiring your kids with an appreciation of other cultures and builds a sense of global citizenship

STEAM values: Learn through discovering and hands-on with art and science activity

For the above reasons, I see that Atlas Crate is also perfect for their kids ages 6 to 11. Starting with only $16.95 a month and take free shipping on subscriptions in the US. You can help your kids more fun and interesting activities to do at home.

KiwiCo Activities For Kids Ages 6 – 11

What you can get inside the box every month, check the activities below to get an overview of all activities from KiwiCo for your kids.

World Crate

It is time for kids to explore the world map and access basic navigational skills. They can build their own global as well as collect Atlas cards to make a travel book with many awesome facts and photos.

Japan Crate

Enter the world of Japanese culture with this box. Celebrate Children’s Day by making their own koinobori fluttering carp windsock. Understand about a traditional game - Daruma otoshi. Read the recipe to start with delicious onigiri rice balls. Besides, you can discover more about a beautiful country through a travel book with many fun activities inside.

Peru Crate

The next destination is Peru with Anya and Milo. Kids will have a chance to try on making a fluffy alpaca along with local textiles by weaving a mini blanket and matching chullo hat. Make acquaintance with an ancient tossing game called Sapo.

Discover more about the mysteries of the Nazca Desert. Enjoy the great taste of a local treat and sweet music with a DIY Antara flute. With a simple thing but they can learn about more about culture and people of one country. Through this, kids can learn how to develop and preserve these beautiful traditional values.

Can multiple children share a crate?

Yes. You can share a box with kids of the same ages to help them to work together and know how to share. They can learn and discover together. You also create some fun activities to help them discover together. Besides, never miss to get other KiwiCo Boxes for other kids in your houses like Panda Crate, Koala Crate, Kiwi Crate, and more.

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Atlas Crate provides you with interesting activities about geography, culture, and STEAM for kids ages 6 o 11. Register right now to update receive the most suitable box for your kids and have more meaningful time with them.

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